God delights in Singing Songs of Praise

We love music, I love music, music is something that brings us to a different dimension, brings us to memories either sad, happy, or days gone by, music changes our mood, it lifts our soul and at times bring tears to our eyes, if these were what music does to us how do you think God feels when we sing wonderful songs of Praise for our Lord. In the Bible there were lots of references with regards to music, in Psalm alone, King David composed songs that honored, glorified, and pleased our Lord, he even made instruments to be able to play wonderful music for our Father in Heaven, in Revelation there were mentioned of singers and the angels Praising, glorifying our God by singing songs of Praise and what are we not to offer this simple gesture from all the wonderful things God has given us, so brothers and sisters, sing! sing! sing Praises to our Father in Heaven for he delights on them, in Jesus name, Amen, Amen, Amen.


Glory to God in the Highest

Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get” and this once again proved how exciting life can be especially if you let God steer it for you and this is what happened to me lately, I let God steered my life and brought me amazing, wonderful, and unbelievable year. Most of the time, or should I say all the time, we relied on our ability to live our lives from simple problems to complicated ones and only turn to God when we can not handle it anymore, we try our very best to solve our mundane problems and leave the complicated ones to our maker and creator and this is the case as always, but one thing I realized is that if we put our trust in the Lord with all our heart, might, mind, and soul  everything that comes our way becomes a blessings, not only the good things, but even trials becomes a blessings for we realize the reason of it all. Brothers, sisters, and friends, give glory to our almighty, give thanks not only when we are happy or received the answers to the ones we pray for, but give glory to Him our Lord and Redeemer Jesus at all times, for it is but fitting and to our Heavenly Father, the one and only God, the creator of heaven and earth to praise, honor and glorify him in every breath we take.

Journey to becoming Professional Networker and Filmmaker


Albert as a Networker..


Albert as a Filmmaker..

I always thought of the difference between the two and tried to find a common ground, I love making films and enjoy every minute of it, from writing my scripts to the actual shoot to the tedious art of editing, and it is a beautiful process, but what stops or hinder most of us filmmakers is the lack of funds, budgets, finances, most of the time we scrape even our basic means just to finish one film that we hope will catapult us to the big boys. But it goes back to the main problem, BUDGET.

Then I found the solution, hence comes Network Marketing, I’ve never tried networking before and I started to watch lots of youtube materials, read lots of books, researched and met people who do it, Erik Worre one of the Professional Network Marketer showed me wonderful, amazing, interesting concepts and processes that if followed will surely bring result.

I put filmmaking on the side and started to follow AIM Global trainer Sir TJ Villanueva with his interesting, wonderful, and tedious process and amazingly it started to open my mind to another level of network marketing that started to give me the big result.

Now I know that if I continue my networking practices now in just another year I will be able to shoot all my scripts of films and I will not be worried about funding anymore because of the result of my network marketing I will have enough funds to shoot them all and even start producing other filmmakers films.

So what difference do I find between the two? Nothing they actually complement each other, my networking journey is giving me the chance to meet lots of inspiring stories from people from all walks of life, as I share the opportunity it prepares me to have the finances and budgets I need to shoot such inspirational films and show them to the world.

Starting today with proud and honor I say I’m a filmmaker and a network marketer, I make films and make millionaires…

If you want to join me in this wonderful journey Whatsapp +971504705519 or you can email me at albert.gayo@gmail.com

Dr. Ed talks about AIM Global India

Caught on camera Dr. Ed Cabantog the visionary president of AIM Global talks to a group about his plans in India.

India is the number two most populous country in the world after China with millions of its people living in poverty it will be wonderful once AIM Global is approved by the government.

AIM Global worldwide has proven track of making millionaires and its great ALIVE foundation program will be a great help for Indian population, we all know that Indians are hard workers and very loyal to the companies they serve  and worked for and I know that once they experienced the wonderful earning potential of AIM Global it will create a huge followers.

Network marketing in India is not very popular to its government  at present because they had bad experience with other earlier networking companies, but the strength, superb management, and fairness of compensation of AIM Global will certainly proved to Indians that being a networker if you belong to the right company will definitely help you in becoming a millionaire like what AIM Global did to over 7,000 millionaires it created in the last 11 years.

Indians should research about what AIM Global can offer them with over 3 million AIM distributors worldwide and how it is expanding rapidly in their neighboring country Pakistan it will one day spread out in India like wildfire.

So, today is the perfect time for Indians to be a part of this network company before it starts to spread out and be a part of the growing millionaires around the world, and AIM Global will continue living up to its motto “Creating Extra Ordinay Millionaires “ around the world.

For more information about how to join, please Whatsapp +971504705519 or email at albert.gayo@gmail.com




Dubai ITADAKI Hai!!!


IMG-3378 copy

There’s quite a lot of Japanese restaurant here in Dubai and it is a pleasure for those who love Japanese food because of the variety, choices, and options from décor to the ambiance, to food taste and I must tell you ITADAKI is one of the new secrets for Japanese food lovers.

ITADAKI is located at the Wasl Vista Jumeirah opposite City Walk, and the simple yet traditional Japanese design is inviting. The wall turned into a tatami design and the color of the wood made it simple yet very Japanese, the black plates partnered with the black saucers remind me of the Japanese utilitarian simplicity.

Bro Joseph and Sister Mercader who graciously invited me for lunch told me about their favourite sushi and ramen which I agreed to try, I had seafood ramen and California maki which is the typical sushi ordered by many but the taste is definitely not typical there is that certain twang of taste that stayed in my palette that makes me yearn for more.

I ate quite a lot of the sushi as well, though the serving is indeed good for 2 people I almost did not leave any for Sister whom I’m supposed to share it with.

Then I watered it down with sisters’ recommendation of Mix Strawbana a concoction of milk and yogurt which is very refreshing, I would have settled for Japanese sake but the freshness of Strawbana was just right that I can’t even ask for any dessert anymore.

The whole experience at ITADAKI was definitely for the book, ambiance, service, and food taste is definitely worth for every cent paid, and the best part of it, I was pampered and treated with such hospitality the Japanese way and should say for the ever smiling Manager and the staff, Arigatōgozaimashita

For more information and reservation you can call ITADAKI on +971 43427999


KDJ dedicated and launch his second single “I Like The Way” for Albert Gayo’s birthday.

I would like to thank KDJ Olushola an upcoming African gospel artist rapper for dedicating this wonderful music video “I Like The Way” today on my birthday. I am humbled and happy for such a wonderful step.

Also for our DOP Mj Madrideo for acknowledging such a step and all our talents and artists involved in this amazing production.

We had fun, excitement and dedication as we all worked together to come out with such an amazing production, thank you team for a great filming experience.

This is the 7th music video production I did and it is always fun and full of laughter compare to the more serious corporate video or TVC or drama films, and I must admit after being a semi finalist for the Carribean Film Festival and official entry to Indiewise Miami Filmfest of KDJ first single “If No Be God” I know and feel that this one is going to be even better and more celebrated.

Thank you once again KDJ for another exciting music and we always look forward to more of your inspiring, exhilarating, and wonderful rhythm on celebrating with God, and thank you for giving me this honor on my special day.

For more information on KDJ’s latest music and sound please send email to albert.gayo@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +971504705519



AIM Global Dubai Leaders Web Series Part 1

International Distributors of AIM Global based in Dubai is expanding. Every now and again a new leader is born to conquer, inspire, and prove his worth to this network marketing business. This network marketing business used to be dominated by Filipinos seem to be changing hands to the birth of new African leaders and other nationalities.

So I decided to run a series of films and start to document the leaders of AIM Global Dubai and see them in action and know their deepest why and their journey as a whole.

At first it wasn’t easy to capture them on film because they are all busy with their respective networks, but with the help of Sir Tj Villanueva and Ms. Ayra Padolina, we manage to do the unthinkable, that is capturing the leaders one by one on their busiest time of the day and manage to talk to them as well.

You will meet, hear, and feel each one of the leaders in this networking business based in Dubai and beyond and will find out what drives them to do the business, their inspiration, struggles, and journey along the way.

We want you to know them, and get inspired by their various stories, and become your inspiration especially if you are not familiar with network marketing.

I hope that their stories will inspire, give hope, and remind you that dreams are always reachable, it will always depend on your patience, dedication, and action.

This is the part 1 and we will come up with a new video of leaders once a week until we introduce all of them and their inspiring stories.

We would like to thank our DOP and Editor MJ Madrideo for this first episode for a job well done.

For more information, you can call the director of this series Albert Gayo on Whatsapp +971504705519 or email to albert.gayo@gmail.com