Dramatic Film for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

There are at least over 5 Millon Filipinos working outside the Philippines and there are at least over 1 Million in Saudi Arabia alone and the whole Middle East and we, OFW,  are heralded as Philippines modern heroes.

The last election President Duterte was put into power because of the high percentage of the votes coming from OFW and last year alone our remittances to the Philippines came into over $8 Million.

But there is a sad reality to this wonderful statistics, family breakdown, social injustice, stress, illegitimate kids, and others, and most of all families back in the Philippines expect too much financially from us OFW.

This film is dedicated to all OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) around the world who are doing our best to cope up with our families expectations and putting on a happy front face even though deep inside is our longing to be home, with our families, loved ones, and our country.

Please share your thoughts after watching the film.

ofw pic

A Film by Albert Gayo OFW 2017

Filming Lequan Smith designer to Beyonce

Now I understand why Beyonce and Ariana Grande love this designer Lequan Smith. After filming his fashion show at the 2nd day of Arab Fashion Week and had a closer look at his creations I myself wished I could wear those titillating leathers and fabrics to show my curves.

For some of the Arab women in the crowd it might have been a bit too sexy with some collections showing their cleavage or boobs, but to a lot of the women watching, I can see their eyes popped and made thunderous claps to some of the wonderful creations.

Plastic leathers were the most used fabrics with fake cashmere and some wool too, but what is really catching are how the collection are formed together as one cohesive team, that is sexy, sultry, and seductive.

Women who have the curves and wants to have their man looking at them the whole night should certainly have one of Lequan Smith collection, these clothes are certainly the answer to you.

No wonder Lequan’s  favorite designer is Azzedine Alaia because I can see where he is coming from these wonderful pieces of design reminds me of Azzedine, but I can tell you just a couple of years from now Lequan Smith will be another household name in the field of fashion.

I would have love to film him backstage but, unfortunately, my production friends from FASHION CHINA was in a hurry since Lequan was the closing show for the night, I make sure that next season I will talk to him.

What will I ask him?  If you will be asked to design a piece for Cinderella how would you do it? Now, that will be interesting.


Before Suicide Movie Interview

After a grueling week of pre-production, location scout, cast, crew meetings, shooting and editing we are now preparing to set up the premier for “Before Suicide Movie” with the director and producer Robert Cristian Trif .

This is my interview with regards to the film as an Assistant Director,  and other interviews to come out before our premier night, all cast and crew are now excited to watch the final movie and looking forward to sharing it with family and friends.

As always I would like to thank all the wonderful cast and production crew for the great cooperation in making this film and to think that we are from different parts of the world of different nationalities, but manage to work together in harmony and come up with this awesome project.

Very cosmopolitan indeed, our director, writer, and producer from Romania, Robert Cristian Trif, our main actress from Hungary Erika Herbert, another actress Priyanka from India, Talal one of our other cast is from Saudi Arabia, Ayman from Syria, me and 4 other crew from the Philippines and our editor from Ireland, that is a total of 7 nationalities in one film, what more can you ask for.

But working together with one goal to finish and deliver an inspiring worthwhile film, a film with a message of hope and inspiration.

So we are all now waiting for our premier night and look forward to sharing it to all of you.

For the Love of Filmmaking

There are lots of reason why we make films, to keep memories, to show our technical expertise, to make money, to impress people, but the most important, for me at least is to tell a story, inspire people and most of all to glorify God.

So when I was approached to shoot a worship service and at the same time film the first live show of KDJ, it was already 2 birds with one stone.

KDJ is an upcoming Nigerian singer based in Dubai who just released his first single 2 months ago and started to build up good followers here in Dubai and around the world, his songs are not only inspiring but at the same time give glory to our Lord.

The show with the congregation of (JCGK) Jesus Christ Glorious Kingdom International held at Flora Grand Hotel in Deira, Dubai was a joyous mixture of brothers and sisters who welcomes everyone with their exuding warm hospitality.

The atmosphere of wonderful songs and the talk of their Pastor was calm yet pierces the heart and one can feel the welcome that everyone extends.

KDJ performance was marvelous, the crowd loved it and I can feel the excitement and the joy of his performance as he sings his single “If No Be God”. After his song, the crowd was asking for an encore but unfortunately, he has only rehearsed one song with the band so hopefully, he will do more on his next visit.

This is one of the films that will remain etched in my mind because I made it with the sole purpose, and that is to glorify our Lord.


Filming KDJ Live in Worship Gathering

_MG_4552.JPG_MG_4584Another exciting weekend, I was asked to shoot KDJ Live performance in a worship event and had a wonderful. exhilarating, and fun film coverage. It was held at the Grand Flora Hotel in Deira and the crowd was so hospitable I wanted to stay even after the event.

It was also good to see KDJ perform live after filming his music video, most of the time artist sounds different on live performances than their music video because they sing without the mixing and there is no way to rearrange or improve their voice unlike in recording, so what you hear is the real artist voice unlike in recording.

The crowd had a great time and was asking for more, but since it is one of KDJ’s first performances after the success of his music video release he was so overwhelmed with the crowd’s  response.

KDJ has now written and ready to record his 2nd single which I had the proveledge to hear, and again as the first one it has that beautiful rhythm that made his first one so successful that one Nigerian Telecommunication company wants it to be one of thier ringtones.

Here is the music video of his first single “If No Be God” and please make some comment on what you think about it.