Life Continues…

It’s been some time since I last wrote something and I feel it’s about time to share my inner thoughts once again with all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ, we continue our journey through life and we always encounter ups and downs in our career, family, friends and life in general but we always rejoice for all the blessings and hardship we encounter for all of it bring us learnings, in whatever we do, from the last time I wrote something here it must have been at least over one year and lots of things happened, in my carreer I must admit that it went stagnant for a while but learned a lot of new things, lots of new techniques that I started implementing in my new films from documentary to shorts to TVC, my family has always been the same loving, supporting, and blessed in all aspect, what changed in me that I’m really glad and joyful was knowing, recieving, and glorifying our saviour Jesus Christ, for such a short time, our Lord had taught me wonderful lessons in life, one that He is a loving, merciful, and living God, that He looks after everyone of us as long as we obey and trust him, 3rd that miracles still do happen today as the days of old and finally that if we offer our life to Jesus our Lord there can never be dull moments and that every second count in our life with gladness, joy, and contentment that I never felt before. Brothers and sister, rejoice each one of us for our savior Jesus lives and He loves us unconditionally in Jesus name, Amen.

Here is one of the latest documentary film I did which is nominated for Lift Off Film Festival in Pinewoods, USA.



Knowing and working with Kuya Boy Abunda

The first time I met Kuya Boy Abunda seem only yesterday but it was in 1991 when he came to Bahrain with Ms. Nora Aunor for her tour of “Legend Superstar” and for some reason, we clicked together maybe because we were with Ms, Nora with one common goal of making the show a success since at that time he was managing Ms. Aunor, the time we spent together duting thier stay in Bahrain was one of the memorable times I had in the Middle East one particular instance is when we were invited by the Filipino American group for dinner at 7:30 and by 9PM I am still inside the washroom with Ms. Aunor while she fixes her eyebrow and Kuya Boy asked me to come out and told me that I should tell Nora that we should go and my exact words to Kuya Boy is why don;t you asked her since you are her manager and Kuya Boy response was “I can’t ask her, I’m her fan.” finally we manage to leave the hotel and arrived at the dinner at 10:30PM, Kuya Boy was and still is a kind, loving, assertive person, after Ms. Nora Aunor concert and bringing me and Damien to the Philippines to be with Nora aunor in recieving her grandslam best actress award for “Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit” Kuya Boy still went back to Bahrain a few times with his tehn talent Ariel Rivera and I remember one instance when Kuya Boy came with me to my flat and whule waiting there was the show on TV featuring Mr. Sebastian of BBC show interviewing Maya Angelou, and Kuya Boy turned around and told me “That is what I want to do and have Albert, a show of my own where I interview people” and my response is “Yes Kuya boy I think it will come first because you are capable and second you have the personality for it” and we left my place, that was 28 years ago, as the years past by whenever I go to the Philippines for holiday Kuya Boy always make sure that we see each other, I remeber once when he told me to go to Rustans and picked up whatever I wanted where he paid and arrange it himself, once he invited me to his show and introduced me to Ms. Kris Aquino where we had some exciting private conversation, another time when Kuya Boy called me and told me that he cannot walk on the street of Manila anymore because of fans asking him for pictures and authographs, but Kuya Boy until now 28 years after I knew hum naver changed, he is still the same kind, loving, assertive person I know the first time I met him and our friendship still flourishes as ever. Thank you Kuya Boy for giving me the pleasure of knowing the real you and for not changing after all these years, thank you.

BOY ABUNDAKuya boy w Brothers

Worked with Philippine Superstar Nora Aunor

After 23 years it reminded me of the great times I had working with Philippines superstar Ms. Nora Aunor, it was one of the exciting days I had in my career as a filmmaker and an event manager, for those who are not familiar with Ms. Aunor let me just quote Boy Abunda who told me this, “During the height of her career, she is the only singer actress where they have to bring in a helicopter to be able to leave the venue where she had a concert, and this never happened to any other singer in the Philippines until this day”, these were words of Boy Abunda in Bahrain 1991, I was privileged to work with the whole crew where Ms. Aunor had a concert in Bahrain and again with Joseph Estrada in 1996, at both times I spent long hours talking with Nora and heard from her own words her hopes, fears, and life experiences as an actress, singer, and mother, it seems only yesterday that her words still reverberate in my mind. Ms. Aunor is an epitome of a humble, soft-hearted, simple individual that wasn’t affected by the fame she experienced compare to some other singer/ actresses I’ve met and I am now writing a script based on my true experience working with one of Philippines superstar Nora Aunor.11226579_10153852848479202_6457240305042258008_o

11063802_10153852848759202_5336545946064147844_oNORA & VILMA

Meeting Musical Genius from Cameroon

Being a filmmaker we meet a lot of geniuses in their own fields, clothes designers, set designers, DOP, writers, stylist, actors and others and I must admit that recently I come across one musician that I consider a genius in his field, a musical composer. Stan comes from Cameroon and he moved here in Dubai accidentally when his manager who promised to bring him to Switzerland for some music project ditched him out and left him in Istanbul he told me his story of sleeping on the road for almost 3 days until he met a Tunisian woman that helped him reach Dubai. Stan did not want to go back to Cameroon because of some problem also he is afraid that the agent from Switzerland will get back to him and his family for not agreeing on what they wanted him to do which is against his religious belief. Stan is now in Dubai and doing business in AIM Global a networking company that deals with natural organic health products and that is where I met him and he has been talking about his musical experiences until one day I asked him to compose me a worship song, finally last night after my business presentation, he brought his guitar and played this wonderful music that I’m sharing with you and on top of that he let me listen to another song that he said he composed for me which brought tears to my eyes for joy of someone who dedicated a nice melody for myself, thank you Stan for this and I feel humbled for such a gesture. I want you to watch this song that he composed for our one and only living God and the next one I will let you hear the beautiful melody he dedicated to me.

Arab Asia International Short Filmfest

Thank you Uniqueorn Studio LLC for trusting me in this endeavor and I’m calling all Filipino directors, producers, actors who want to participate and show their films, please email your entries to and check our website at

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Shooting Ad Campaign for Shoexpress

Finished another wonderful shoot this week, the preparations, the PPM,the shopping and the late nights of passing messages and calls to each other resulted in another wonderful ad campaign for the upcoming “Ramadan” and “Back To School” billboards, magazines, and other press, this time I have a nice team of assistants that helped me achieve the directors plan and vision, here is the behind the scene “BTS” of the shoot, enjoy it and we look forward to the finished campaign.