“Year After” invited for International Film Festivals.

Black with Hands Photo Simple Movie Poster-2Middle East based OFW makes his first feature film for International Release
After writing, producing, and directing about 15 short films, documentaries, and TVC, Middle East OFW Filmmaker Albert Gayo is preparing feature film “Year After” for international screenings.

“Year After” is a story of best friend James and Carlo that turned sour after 9 years of friendship because of James wife but after one year they accidentally meet each other once again not realizing their needs of depending on each other. What are you willing to do for your best friend? will you love your friend to the extent of losing your family? these and lots more are going to be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo and Lawrence Binghay.

One of Albert Gayo’s short films “Cities with a Heart” was shown in international film festivals such as New York Audience Now, Big Arthouse Chicago, and Indiewise Miami Filmfest and was a semi-finalist for International Open Filmfest in Bangladesh, his recent music video “If No Be God” is also a semi-finalist for Caribbean Market Filmfest on top of his other 3 films that were also shown in different international screenings.

Now, we have received invitations to screen our first feature film “Year After” in various International Film Festival in different parts of the world and I feel humbled and privileged at the same time.

It is one of filmmakers dream to have his film shown to as many people as possible and to as many screenings around the world and with the advent of the internet through the proper channel, it is now easier to have the elusive worldwide showing.

“Year After” written, produced, and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angleo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lorenz Binghay,  Carl Melias and Albert Gayo coming soon to cinemas near you.

Venue for Art Lovers and Filmmakers of Dubai and Middle East..

GROUP EXHIBIT 2.jpgRIBBON CUT.jpgGROUP EXHIBIT.jpgWe had a wonderful opening of the 1st Group Photo Exhibition held at Al Erzal Cafe & Restaurant , we would like to thank our beautiful Philippines Vice Consul Elizabeth Picar Ramos for gracing the occasion and Ms. Vivian Economides for the wonderful venue, also for all the photographers who gave their time and effort Buddy Gadiano ,Christine Aggasid ,Dexter Bacani, Emmanuel Gonzales ,Hermogenes Masangcay, Jonathan Ollero, Nhoileen Maypa, and Edwin Mendoza.

We also would like to thank of course the organizer Arc5 Events with Rachel Hamot and Maria Dahlia Francisco, we were also privileged to have Mr.Robert Oswald Alfiler from Aksyon TV who is preparing his planned photojournalism workshop on the 30th June at the same venue.

For all the ones who came on the first night of the photo, exhibit thank you very much and the exhibition will remain open for public until 29th June at Al Erzal Cafe and Restaurant, doors open at 6 pm until 2 am and entrance is free.

International Filmmaker and host Albert Gayo wants to make this venue a hub for Filipino Artist to show their works, Al Erzal Cafe & Restaurant even have a big screen where films can be shown as well.

“I think this is a great place where we can show the wonderful works of Filipino artist in Dubai and the Middle East and this venue is perfect, ” said Albert.

Starting on the first week of July an exhibition of oil paintings by a Filipino artist is being planned.


The Magic of Filmmaking happens at Post Production.​

Once all the principal shoot is done, then the fun starts in filmmaking and that is the Post Production, this is where all the magics are done, where music is mixed, where sound effects are added if needed, and where spices are placed in to come up with a magical story.

This is also where you can change things around, change when it comes to the pacing of the film, change when it comes to improving and grading the color which will enhance, improve and give your film that overall look, this thing and more happens in post production.

That is why we filmmakers say that 60% of filmmaking is done in the post production and I’ve learned this the hard way, I realized the importance of post-production after my first 2 earlier short films, the importance of syncing sound, the importance of background music and others.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and after filming over 15 shorts in which 5 of them were awarded internationally, I am now filming “Year After” my first feature film starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay, coming soon to cinemas near you.

Story of unconditional love, friendship, longing, and betrayal, based on a true story of OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) working in the Middle East

I’m expecting some more late nights, but fun, once we start our post-production, it will be another exciting and unforgettable moments for us filmmakers.

Working with International Stars…

10483937_10153305517804202_4271156206688755633_n10610606_10153305518789202_5857643908146854672_nWORKING WITH INTERNATIONAL STARS IS A PLEASURE
It always makes a difference when you work with professionals and you can’t really see and feel the difference until you’ve done so, in one of my short film that I wrote, produced and directed last year, I had the privilege to work with one of Philippines actress Ms. Jennifer Lee.

Directing Jennifer for the first time was indeed a wonderful experience, she was spot on when it comes to dialogue ad lib, she seem to know what to say before I tell her to say it. She knows the right angles where to position herself, I don’t even have to block her, once I set up the camera she knows the rules of it, the 180 degree rule.

“Selfei” was indeed another short film that I’m really proud of not only because its fun to work with an A list actress from Philippines but also because as a filmmaker I learned a lot from actress like her.

Now with our first feature film “Year After” I’m happy and proud to say that experienced really counts, after writing, producing and directing over 15 short films and documentaries and hundreds of TVC to date this film is a labor of love.

And I thank all the wonderful and great actors and actresses I’ve worked with in one way or the other, from film actress Nora Aunor, Boy Abunda, Nyoy Volante, Kay Brosas, Regine Velasquez, Joyce Jimenez, Alan K, Kris Aquino, Joshua Zamora, Jopay Paguio, Ricky Belmonte, Pops Fernandez, Billy Crawford, Dina Bonnevie, Maribel Lopez, Eugene Dominguez, Erik Santos, Epi Quizon, Bong Navarro, Alfred Vargas, Spanky Manikan, Tony Mabesa, Arnel Ignacio, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Iya Villena, John Prats, Kris Lawrence, Jay-R, Geneva Cruz, Ian de leon, Pepe Smith, Dina Bonevie, German Moreno, Rachel Ann Go, Melanie Marquez, and others, on the Indian actors, Jayasurya, Fahad Fasil, Madhuri Dixit, Vineeth, and Jackie Fernandez, on Hollywood actress and directors I’ve worked with late Roger Vadim husband of Jane Fonda, Joanna Cassidy, Cyndi Pickett, on other International actors Patience Ozokwor, Robert Cristian Trif, Annina Fedorkova, Erika Herbert, and all the other actors, actress, directors and crews that gave me constant advice, in this world of filmmaking, thank you very much, and I know that the list will continue on.

So don’t forget to watch our first feature film “Year After” a story of unconditional love, friendship, longing and betrayal written, produced and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay coming soon to cinemas near you.

Give the audience space to think..

We should never underestimate our audience, yes there were times when we shoot our films and inform them of every minute details, once I was watching a movie and I can tell that they just wanted to make the film unnecessary longer.

You see the character open the car, open the door, close the door, go up the stairs, open the bedroom door, close the bedroom door and lie down in bed, where in fact we can just show him open the car and cut it into him lying in bed because the rest of action does not mean or do anything to the character.

Unless something important happens or something relevant is there for later but shooting it for the sake of making the film long is unfair for our audience.

Once we watched any film of our choice it only shows that we care, we care because we expected to listen and watch the story, we watched because we want to know what happened, either the tagline or the trailer had intrigued us that we want to know more about the character because we CARE.

Follow the story of James and Carlo as they struggle to keep their past relationship intact even after their family, social media, and people around them ruined their precious connection, will they succeed in keeping it or will they just go with the flow and follow what the society dictates.

“Year After” story of unconditional love, longing, and betrayal written and directed by the Middle East based Filipino director Albert Gayo, featuring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo coming soon to cinemas near you.

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Informative article for filmmakers out there..

BSI Films / Film & TV Production

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Investors, network and industry executives answering questions and telling the truth about what it takes for independents to get funding for their film or their TV project submitted to the networks.
Some of you may have already read this information. I posted it again because for those who have not read it, they may find it helpful.
My name is Elyse, and I am a producer and new member to the production team at BSI.
I was invited by our executives to attend an event attended by Hollywood executives, insiders and investors from different parts of the world, and had a candid conversation with investor Syd Shaffer from Europe and two of his partners.
Mr. Shaffer and his team have helped raise funds for some of the world’s top grossing films, including several major projects that our executive producers –

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