Amazing Training

Finished another wonderful training with Tj Villanueva for AIM Dubai Speakers Bureau, learned some new techniques on handling subjects if we are questioned at the last minute, though there’s a lot of information that I am already aware of being with toastmasters he still manage to give some new techniques on how to handle impromptu question which is the Me We Principle You Us technique,the last few days had been really busy I managed to have 4 presentations with prospects from Kenya, Pakistan Uganda, and Zimbabwe, we had another sign up from Kenya and it seem to be growing really fast, I’m happy not just for the earnings but also with the number of people I’m helping to reach their dreams. Saw Annina yesterday and had a meeting for an upcoming fashion show and I’m excited.



It’s a bit drizzling today, last night we had the Pathway gathering and had fun with the rest of my classmates, when I came back home I did all my assignments and visited my Facebook and posted some posters on wonderful values in life.I then answered some queries in my Whatsapp about AIM Global particularly lots of my downlines from Kenya and Uganda. Had the sandwich for dinner and slept at around 2 am. Woke up early today and went to the 12 pm church service and they had the Sharjah Ward General Conference and its good to see the Abu Dhabi Stake Presidency. Went back home at 3 pm and had a nap, awake at 530 pm and it is still drizzling.

First Blog

There you are one of my very first blogs, this pages will be filled with my exciting adventure with AIM Global and my filmmaking career here in Dubai and the Middle East, after staying in this region for almost 30 years I must say it was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs from near death experience, to meeting great celebrities to running my own company and these days I dedicate myself to helping people reach their dreams and bring out their potential through this exciting networking career, at the same time doing my online college with BYU-Idaho, never ending adventure I must say, so friends, watch out for this is going to be my electronic adventurous life starting today.

Exciting Day

Exciting day after having 10  prospects yesterday with AIM Global I’m now increasing my goal to at least 15 people to talk to online and offline, started with 3 people from Kenya this morning, one field supervisor who wants to have extra income, one professor from University of Nairobi and one film editor and they are all excited to be a part of this exciting business opportunity, I look forward to great days ahead.

Challenging Days Ahead

Another day had passed but I enjoyed every minute of it with AIM Global, met 6 prospects offline from Deira to Rashidiya and talked to about 4 prospects online from Uganda to Nigeria to Kenya and everyone is loving the opportunity AIM is offering, 3 people online will go to the office tomorrow to pay in and 3 prospects offline will come with me to visit the office here in Dubai. I’m really so excited for another day of prospecting. At the same time I woke up quite early this morning to do my assignment on my online studies with BYU-Idaho, I find it a bit challenging as well being a Math subject but I am managing so far. I remembered Mom and Dad today and it brought tears to my eyes, how I miss them so much wants to embrace them tight. I know that day will come and I am looking forward to that day.

First blog post

I believe I lead a very exciting life, I am now over half a century old and I still feel I am at the height of my career, life and adventures, I take life one day at a time and I know that I’m living the best I can, life is beautiful, even though I come across challenges that to some seem too low or absurd, I look at it as a lesson God has given me to learn from them, so follow me as I go through life’s wonderful adventure and I thank our Heavenly Father for giving me such an exciting roller coaster ride, I also thank my family, friends, and loved ones for their undying support in my endeavours, I also believe that people we meet are there for a reason, even if it happened for a fleeting moment, God gave them to us for a reason.

Me and I

Welcome to the Official Website of Albert Gayo.
Albert Gayo is a Scriptwriter, Director, and Producer. During a career in filmmaking of more than 30 years, Albert wrote, produced, 11 short films and Directed several others including hundred of TV commercials in the Middle East and Asia. His films have participated and have been nominated for awards at various leading film festivals including New York Audience Now Filmfest, Bangladesh Filmfest, Chicago Film festival, Emirates Filmfest, and Indiewise Miami Filmfest among others. His journey took him in a partnership with AIM Global around the world. He is also a member of Speakers Bureau and Toastmasters International where he won a few awards for his speaking skills, presently he is mentoring a few students on public speaking, acting, and continues his journey in filmmaking.