Over 100 Relatives

So far I have encoded over 100 cousins, nephews, and nieces, and I’m just tracing a few more to finish our family tree from my father side and my mother’s side as well. FB has been a great help in communicating to all of them, there are a few who are not on FB, but eventually I manage to take their details from their families who are in the social media, and I can say that if we decided to have a family reunion we should be able to come up with over 100 people easily. It’s amazing how some of them don’t really know and are not familiar with each other, and I tried my best to connect them through social media,  I look forward eventually that they will be able to know each others family, and it will also be easier to extend help to one another. I thank our Heavenly Father for giving me this task to unite, know, and meet each one of them and look forward to meeting lots of them in person when I go on holiday.


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