Dreamt Last Night

I had a dream last night, I was in a field of flowers with one of my brothers and he said he is hungry and I looked around and saw some small white flowers and I picked one and ate it, and it was edible, I picked another one up and put it in my brothers  mouth and he smiled. Then I saw myself in Africa, sitting in a restaurant and I saw an African woman, wearing a colorful printed dress she was eating alone and there were 4 middle aged European men in suits, and a woman also in suit, accusing her of poisoning  someone, but the African women knew and I know as well that she did not do it, she asked for my help, and we went around town looking for clues on who the murderer was, we were inside one building in a living room when it started to have an earthquake, she panicked and started running, I told her to calm down and we both got out of the building and I looked around and saw the mountains shaking and some debris falling out from the building, and then I woke up.


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