Al Ezral Shisha & Restaurant

An interesting, intense, and intricate day, one of my long-time friend Vivian invited me to visit her new restaurant and asked me what I think, I manage to find it and liked the location immediately, it was tucked in almost a corner fronting a bus stop and a walkway bridge, you enter a door with the noise of a running water fountain on the left side of the door and you find yourself into a high ceiling set up with some stairstep on the left side of the room. Vivian was smiling and gave me a welcoming hug and introduced me to her son Alvin, I put my backpack down and my camera and tripod and she ushered me directly to the buffet set up.

A colorful set up of Arab delicacies were delicately arranged with the saffron rice, chicken stew, green salad with mushroom, macaroni bechamel, and breaded fish and on the far right a mixture of desserts with fresh fruit and yellow and white custard caramel, I ate with gusto as we talked about the new business and asked me for my opinion on the place.

I took my camera and started taking a few snaps of the buffet set up and a few snaps here and there of the place and she insist that I finish my food first, but I explained that I wanted to take pictures since the food are still full and the set up not yet disturb because I know that after some time when the customers started arriving that it won’t look as delicately as it is now.

After a few shots, I sat down and we started to talk about the business, then about our weeks and months of not seeing each other and alternately asking her son of how he find working with his mom.

After I finished my delicious main course, she then invited me to go around and showed me the different rooms and corners of the place and I was impressed on how it captures the different area of the Arab interior, each corner represent an Arabic feel, corner of Damascus, a little old Egyptian theatre, Lebanese cedar wood inspired, Iranian artefacts corner and others I can’t identify, she then informed me of some things that she wanted to change and I told her that it won’t be bad, but for me the place gives me an impression of going around the Arab world in a compact 40 x 30 squared meter room.

Since I was waiting for my next meeting I decided to take some footages and pictures of the place and decided to edit and come out with a little teaser for the youtube and here it is, chek it out.


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