Watching painfully..

Have you tried watching a film painfully? I haven’t seen one for quite some time until I started one, for the last 3 days, watching about 5 to 15 minutes of it and closing it again for the umpteen times and go back, and close, go back, and close then do better things, go back and close, do even better things and forgot about it, then go back and so on, you just want it to finish but it never does, and worst is you can’t even place the proper genre of it, it’s a story of couple who lives together until the girl started to get bored, found another girl at a party and started a relationship and they both planned and kill the man, thriller? I was waiting but no thrill at all, horror? he never came back to life or never haunted them or never turned into zombie or something, drama? no scene where you can cry with any of the character, comedy? no, Charlie Chaplin eating his shoe or something, so where should I put it? that’s one of my problem and concern, it’s been 3 days and I’m trying to finish watching it and I just go over and over and over again and painfully watching still…


4 thoughts on “Watching painfully..

  1. We have a whole network for that sort of stuff in the US, Lifetime. They even have a movie network. Most of the movies are about relationships gone wrong. Usually how girl met guy, he was the greatest, they got married, oh no he or she is abusive, and then abused one escapes or snaps.

    So what you are making is close.
    Unless it’s based on a true story tho, I can’t sit to watch it very long

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    1. Oh ok, that’s interesting to know, maybe the film I saw is a part of that network, I still did not go back to find out the ending, maybe another 30 minutes more, I just feel I have better things to do..


      1. There have been times where I worked long days with no days off … when a break is in sight and I tell myself that when I finally get the day off I’m going to lay on the couch, sip cocoa and watch life time movies for the entire time.

        Then the day comes and I have the couch and the cocoa but I’m bored 20 minutes into what ever movie is on the network and I get up and find something to do


  2. Hi Sylvia, I suggest the best thing when you go to youtube search for INSPIRING SHORT FILMS they are great, their short movies so you can actually finish them on shorter time and very effective lessons in life, try it, it works for me.


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