Palatial Encounter

Can’t remember where I came from the night before, but I was sure it was my second or third night at the house, I just wasn’t sure if I was in Tagaytay, South of France ,or even the hills of Tuscany, what I can remember is waking up from a nap, look around and I notice that I’m outside the verandah, I see some cypress tree and I notice the purple silk that covers me in a very soft white bed, I looked at my right and can see from the glass shadow of a man, though its very fuzzy because of the glass he smiled at me and I smiled back, then behind him a house helper came to bring some food and place it at the table.

I turned around and see the watch, it reads 10:41 am, I smiled at myself and feel the warmth of the purple silk blanket then I opened my eyes, I’m back in Dubai and its 10:06 am, it was a beautiful dream and I know that it will come.

Looking forward for another busy day and started  chatting with Arnold Vegafria about an upcoming film project to be shot in Thailand, can’t say much because of the NDA I signed but its an interesting film project.

Then, another meeting with Romanian actor Robert Cristian Trif to finalize the upcoming short film that we will shoot, I’m sure today will be another wonderful and productive day.

Shooting at Yas Island UAE

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