BTS OLYA 1st day (25)

When I met HRH Arfaq who is the maker of the world’s most expensive perfume according to Guinness Book of World Record I was enthralled, mesmerized, and fascinated, he meticulously  explained how over one thousand roses are pressed to get its oil and become one of the ingredients to make a perfume, and not only that, he also then talked to me about where and when we can find the best roses in the world with the best smell there is.

I was looking for words how to describe my feelings as he tells me the whole process and the art of perfumery. I always thought that you go to the shop, buy the latest perfume and that’s that, but after meeting HRH Arfaq, I began to appreciate the people behind those smells and the process done.

Before a perfume is launched in the market, after putting the formula together which is heavily secured, it goes to a different process, testing, testing and more testing and once the smell is approved then it goes to another tedious process of marketing.

Of course, the marketing side is another story, the right bottle, model, tagline, the right timing, season, country and once you have all of those right then only then you bring it out to the market.

Now, I realized that making and launching perfume is as nerve racking as filmmaking.



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