Sabbath Experience

Sabbath day is always the best day of the week, here in Dubai and the Middle East we celebrate the Sabbath day on Friday, after a whole week of blessings, challenges, and decisions, this special Sabbath day gives me a day to rest, a day to magnify and a day to renew my covenant with the Lord.

This week is special because we had an activity with our return missionaries and most of them rekindled their wonderful experiences, and it’s like transporting me into their world of fun, challenges, and accomplishments, how I wish I could have gone to mission too, but unfortunately by the time I was baptized I was already 23 years old and working at the height of my career, but I’m very happy that two of my brothers Anthony and Arthur manage to go to mission, and now I look forward to my nephew Leonard to go into the mission too.

Pictures of their companions, zone leaders, mission presidents coupled with park, floods, baptized families, and sceneries that inculcated in their minds were shared with gusto as we, the rest of the audience, clapped and cajoled noisily.

What a wonderful Sabbath day and I thank God for witnessing another wonderful activity of Dubai 1st Ward.





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