Cruelty to Kids..

Al w kids

Me with some happy kids.

My heart still aches until now after watching one of Oprah’s past shows about the 6-year-old kid Clayton who was abused by his parents by locking him up in a chain in the bathroom for almost 3 to 6 months.

Now he is almost over 20 years old and he opened up and reminisce the past ordeal he went through and the memories he had of those unpleasant moments. How I cried and sob looking at those photos of the room, chain, and marks at his body when he was found.

I can’t imagine how people, and not just normal people but parents who treated their offsprings with such cruelty to their own flesh and blood. It just reminded me of how lucky I am with such parents who love me and the rest of my brothers and sister who nurtured us and gave the best to all of us.

Kids are given to us and are gifts from our Almighty Father to nurture, teach, and love unconditionally, to see them grow through the years and see them develop and become adult and start to have their own family is something to cherish and to thank for and I think is one of the main purposes of our life.


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