My Most Awarded Short Film

cwah poster

It’s 3:11 am and I woke up to use the washroom and I can’t seem to go back to sleep easily so I decided to reminisce about the short films, about 9 of them that I wrote, produced, and directed and each one of them has a special memory etched in my heart and mind.

But one that seems to haunt me in a good way even until  now is “Cities With A Heart” this film seem to start to breathe its own life even after 3 years of production, this short film that I wrote, produced and directed was originally made for 48 hour film project for Dubai, it took me only 2 days to write, shoot, and edit the film and it was so much fun.

We were lucky to have the wonderful locations around Dubai including my own apartment where some of the scenes were shot, and a wonderful cast and crew that I worked with.

Another thing I realized is the long lifespan of a film, a good film, I shot this in 2014 and until now it is still being shown and accepted in International Festivals worldwide.

After competing at the 48 Hour Film Project in Dubai, it was accepted and shown at the New York Audience Now Filmfest in 2015, at the same year it was also accepted and shown at the Big Arthouse Chicago Filmfest, in 2016 it became a semi-finalist at the International Open Short Filmfest in Bangladesh and this coming August 25-27 it will be shown at Indiewise Film Festival in Miami, Florida.

“Cities With A Heart” is a story of a filmmaker going around the world and looking for cities with compassion, love, and understanding, in short cities with a heart.

Here is the trailer for you to see:



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