Nature on RED camera..

This is one of the most inspiring films of nature and time but there are times when I asked myself which came first nature or time?

Creation as we all know it came from words, powerful words, that created the universe I’m sure a lot of you who believes in Darwin’s or Stephen Hawking’s theory will not agree with me, but I am speaking for those who are with me with the simple truth of God’s creation and this film gives us an outlook how marvelous the world and beyond that we are inhabiting.

Colors of awesome hues, captivated in this marvelous camera style by Terence Malick, one of the few directors that I admire, the frames captured seem to breathe on its own, have its own poetic vision, and all I want is to watch it over and over and over again just to make sure it stays on my mind.

Frames so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes and wants to tell my stories with this work in the background, its also fascinating to know that a lot of these are shot on RED, I was expecting those old PANORAMIC cameras of special gear that can only capture such scenes, but RED, I’ve used RED in a lot of my TVC shoots and I never realize how powerful this camera can go, but after seeing this film, it only reconfirmed my obsession to buy my own RED and make all my films in this camera.

So if you want to see the ethereal beauty of creation, the real colors, the harmony of nature, and the poetic view of life, watch this film.


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