Prague Oh Prague..

Visiting Prague, Czech Republic




It wasn’t even on my bucket list and I can’t even spell the Czech Republic but when Dubai AM Studio offered me to attend the Iranian Film Festival in Prague I said yes without hesitation, I was thinking more of the new Iranian Films that I will see, I heard of some films that are premiering at the event.

I’ve always been a fan of Iranian films from Abbas Kiarostami to the Makbalhaf, Childen of God to Apple Tree and prior to that I just came back from Shiraz and still remembering the magnificence of Persepolis, so I said yes.

Getting the visa was easy, I just have to travel all the way to Abu Dhabi with all the needed paperwork and got it after 2 days. There were about 6 of us and we were met at the airport and driven to our hotel at around 3 am, the airport reminded me of Germany and the empty winding road gave me a sense of calm and peace.

We arrived at the hotel and gave our respective room keys and found my way to the room, I was also given the schedule of film showings, meetings, and cocktails to attend to, my sleep was not bad but I’m more excited to discover the City and what it could offer.

The next 6 days was hectic, wonderful, and full of surprises, every morning after the sumptuous breakfast, I just took my camera and go out and discover the cities nook and crannies, I took a 4 days metro and tram ticket and just hop in and out of the tram and began to marvel at those beautiful sceneries, Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral, Nove Mesto, the Horologe, and it went on and on with the nip of cold winter approaching.

But, I was sure to be back and ready at the cinema to marvel at the wonderful films from Iran and met the actors, producers, directors, and organizers of this unforgettable experience.

What did I learn and earn from this trip? lots of things but the most unforgettable is the camaraderie I had with the filmmakers both from Iran and Prague, the great new Iranian Films I adored and immersing myself at one of the old cities of Europe, I can’t ask for anything more, can I?


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