Directing 11th Short Film…

AL RED CAMAL DIRECTOR BSSeems only yesterday when I  directed my first short film “Woman” 2010, but before that I’ve always been involved with filmmaking in different roles, stylist, hair & makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, set designer, props man, food stylist, art director, actor and others and those are the ones what we call paid jobs that filled our pockets, but the more exciting side of filmmaking is the one that “fills our heart”

It’s the one that we don’t think if were going to make money once it’s done, but will certainly make us proud to be a filmmaker, and for me, these are my short films…

Just finished directing my 11th short film this morning, after at least 2 weeks of preparation, and the exciting glitches up to the last minute before the shoot, I and our team are halfway through at least.

All footages are done and we will now start the post production which consists 60% of filmmaking, and I must admit that this will be another film to be proud of, and this will be another film that will bring laurels to my works.

I would like to thank our producer Robert Cristian Trif and the whole team, DOP Jepp Justiniano, Sound Man Mark Bren Hizon Asst DOP Vishnu, Production Assistant Melencio Rodil Jr. and of course our actors and actresses headed by Robert Cristian, Erika Herbert, Talal, Ayman, and Priyanka, you were all great guys, thank you.

Can’t say much about the story of the film as of now, but I promise to tell you more about it on the next blog, with the trailer, poster, and details, but I must admit this is another of my short film to watch out for.


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