Filming Wedding..

_MG_4003.JPGThey say that once they ask you to be a Godfather for a wedding event it only shows that your aging.

I wonder if this is true, but yes this is my 4th wedding event to become and asked to be a Godfather and once again enjoy the event and the proceedings,,  but at the same time learned some new things that seem to make weddings even more meaningful to me.

First, that these days aside from being asked to be an official photographer and videographer everybody seems to enjoy having their own photos or selfies at one stage you look around during the ceremony and everyone seem to be taking photos of themselves.

Second, that I overhead a few times the church minister mentioned and quoted from the Bible about the women having to submit, take note, submit to her husband through life and eternity, that wife’s submission is one of the most important parts of a successful marriage.

Third, that the sanctity of marriage if we listen to the pastor, church minister or any religious person that conducts the affairs also reads about marriage as one of the primary reason of our existence, and the importance of raising the family is a commandment from time immemorial.

So let us not take marriage lightly, it is important in our life and it is a commandment from the Lord, and the blessings we have because of this sanctity will remain with us through eternal life.

And the beauty of films and pictures of our wedding is one that is etched in our memories forever.


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