Finally Found our Editor

18238177_1500141083342170_8319047000226550365_oIt is always said that 60% of filmmaking is done in post production and I agree, after having all our footages together, now is the time to finalize and weave them to create our final film.

These are where we put in the sounds, the background music, the color grading and everything together and come up with the film we are going to be proud of and show the world. And it is not easy to find the right Editor who has the same vision as me and our director.

But after going through a lot of profiles, portfolios, and past works, we finally found THE ONE, his past work gave us the vision, style, and artistry that is very similar, if not the same of what we want for our final cut, the music, the way the scenes are placed, cut, and spliced together, it reminds me 40 years ago when I was cutting and splicing my 16mm film and projected them on my room’s  big screen, it all came back to me in a flash.

Through his past works I know and I’m confident that we will be able to come out with the style, color, and pacing of what we want, and we will be able to tell our story with the right emotion, tone, and excitement as how we envision it and make our characters breathe and share you Alex and Jane’s deepest struggle and hope in life.

I am now looking forward for the rough cut and the final cut of our film “Before Suicide”





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