Reminiscing Short films..

2 LovelocksThe first time I started to look back on my earlier works and this is one of them, a story of an employer who gave a memo to her staff to shave their hair or resign instead, modern day slavery? but if you feel you are well compensated and you won’t be able to find any work elsewhere will you do it?

There was some staff who followed blindly, some started murmuring as well but some decided to resign instead, on the last day, they were surprised when their lady boss arrived with shaved head wearing a scarf, and some were persuaded to do the same.

But they were even more amazed when a young girl of 7 years old visited them to the office holding a wig, the wig, will be given to one of the cancer patients among the other kids.

Then they all realized that all their hairs, once they shave, will be made into wigs that will be distributed to the girls at the cancer ward.

All ends well, when they had a staff party with every single female employee who came with shaved hair and they work happily every after.


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