Tatoo Artist Documentary

TATOO ARTISTAs I looked at Rhael Baltazar with his machine, poking, pounding, and piercing the skin I can feel the excruciating pain and I can’t help but asked Fritz, “does it hurt?” Fritz looks at me, smiles and says “Of course it does, but if you want it done you have to ignore the pain” he said bemusedly.

I started on this documentary film because I wanted to know if its easy skill, I have met a few artist in my life, painter, singer, poet, filmmaker, pianist, actors and others but its the first time I have encountered a Tatoo Artist.

Is he earning a lot, what’s on his mind as he pierces those needles to his interesting client’s skin, is he a masochist? does he take joy in hurting people? how did he start? how long has he been doing it? these are just some of the questions I asked to probe on this interesting art form.

And hopefully at the end of the film I will be able to know more on what makes a TATOO ARTIST call himself an accomplished artist.

Will give you the link of the finished documentary on my next blog.



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