Conceptualizing Film “My Office”

7 My officeWhen someone asked me to make a film about my office lots of ideas came flashing to my mind, the start, the drama, staff, operations and hundreds and thousands of weird, wonderful, and mind boggling narratives, then I opted out on something totally opposite of my character.

One thing easy is the availability of the location, this was taken in my actual office and we do not have to change anything at all just looking through the viewfinder of the right angle and it worked.

Then my best friend James just had a baby and I wanted to incorporate the baby into the story, it took me 6 hours to finalize and write the script using Celtx, called my group of filmmakers friends and one of my best actress friend from Czeck Republic Annina then we started rolling.

Most of the reviews I got from different viewers are asking about the baby, what happened to Princess Leia, did she survive the fall, well I leave that to you its always nice to keep some of the story to the audience and let them have thier own imaginatory ending.

So, here is the film, enjoy it and do let me know what you think should be the right ending.


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