Filming Arab Fashion Week for Fashion China

AL DANIELA AND ANNINA.jpgAnother exciting week with these wonderful ladies, Annina Fedorkova the presenter for FASHION CHINA and Daniela Shaw who came all the way from China to cover these week exhilarating event was enthralled with the opening of the first batch of designers and even more for me because I get to sit in the front row and marvel, at those lovely creations.

We had lots of fun, laughs, and selfies even while I’m filming and we met some wonderful people as well, Antonio who graciously drop us to the venue and Angelo who was so sweet to arrange for our sumptuous dinner.

I am now sending the raw footages to China and will go on air as soon as they finished the editing. Before going to the fashion show at 6 pm though I had a meeting to Art Direct a luxury brand for a TVC ad campaign, it is a UAE high-end leather brand and I’m also now writing the script as I scribble here.

It’s a shame that tonight will be my last night to cover Arab Fashion Week for Fashion China because I will have PPM (Pre-Production Meeting) tomorrow for the upcoming feature film were shooting.

So you think this is a busy week? Well, you can say so, but as I always said, because I love my work, all of these seem to be just fun, and filmmaking for me is not work but fun, fun, fun.

Thank you Fashion China for this wonderful opportunity and thank you Annina Fedorkova for asking me to do this, and thank you Daniela Shaw and I look forward to more happy filmmaking works with you.



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