Filming KDJ Live in Worship Gathering

_MG_4552.JPG_MG_4584Another exciting weekend, I was asked to shoot KDJ Live performance in a worship event and had a wonderful. exhilarating, and fun film coverage. It was held at the Grand Flora Hotel in Deira and the crowd was so hospitable I wanted to stay even after the event.

It was also good to see KDJ perform live after filming his music video, most of the time artist sounds different on live performances than their music video because they sing without the mixing and there is no way to rearrange or improve their voice unlike in recording, so what you hear is the real artist voice unlike in recording.

The crowd had a great time and was asking for more, but since it is one of KDJ’s first performances after the success of his music video release he was so overwhelmed with the crowd’s  response.

KDJ has now written and ready to record his 2nd single which I had the proveledge to hear, and again as the first one it has that beautiful rhythm that made his first one so successful that one Nigerian Telecommunication company wants it to be one of thier ringtones.

Here is the music video of his first single “If No Be God” and please make some comment on what you think about it.


3 thoughts on “Filming KDJ Live in Worship Gathering

  1. Very fantastic honestly, Deira is located in Dubai, I have been in it for 4 years , so much amazing place, but temperature is so high there in the summer, great work. Keep it up🙂, Gayo!


    1. Thank you, Hussein, yes it is indeed hot it is starting now and will remain until about October, so where are you based now? Dubai has changed a lot for 4 years, getting bigger every time and you should visit again one of these days.

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      1. I know very about the weather in Dubai, I believe that Dubai is on Daily updates in its route and buildings too, however I left Dubai last year, and now I am in Jordan. As I stayed there for four years and half exactly!🙂


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