Before Suicide Movie Interview

After a grueling week of pre-production, location scout, cast, crew meetings, shooting and editing we are now preparing to set up the premier for “Before Suicide Movie” with the director and producer Robert Cristian Trif .

This is my interview with regards to the film as an Assistant Director,  and other interviews to come out before our premier night, all cast and crew are now excited to watch the final movie and looking forward to sharing it with family and friends.

As always I would like to thank all the wonderful cast and production crew for the great cooperation in making this film and to think that we are from different parts of the world of different nationalities, but manage to work together in harmony and come up with this awesome project.

Very cosmopolitan indeed, our director, writer, and producer from Romania, Robert Cristian Trif, our main actress from Hungary Erika Herbert, another actress Priyanka from India, Talal one of our other cast is from Saudi Arabia, Ayman from Syria, me and 4 other crew from the Philippines and our editor from Ireland, that is a total of 7 nationalities in one film, what more can you ask for.

But working together with one goal to finish and deliver an inspiring worthwhile film, a film with a message of hope and inspiration.

So we are all now waiting for our premier night and look forward to sharing it to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Before Suicide Movie Interview

  1. I loved this post! Someone said your blogs fairly often and
    you’re always coming out with great stuff. I shared this on my facebook and my
    follwers loved it! Keep up you’ll be able to work.


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