Dramatic Film for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

There are at least over 5 Millon Filipinos working outside the Philippines and there are at least over 1 Million in Saudi Arabia alone and the whole Middle East and we, OFW,  are heralded as Philippines modern heroes.

The last election President Duterte was put into power because of the high percentage of the votes coming from OFW and last year alone our remittances to the Philippines came into over $8 Million.

But there is a sad reality to this wonderful statistics, family breakdown, social injustice, stress, illegitimate kids, and others, and most of all families back in the Philippines expect too much financially from us OFW.

This film is dedicated to all OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) around the world who are doing our best to cope up with our families expectations and putting on a happy front face even though deep inside is our longing to be home, with our families, loved ones, and our country.

Please share your thoughts after watching the film.

ofw pic

A Film by Albert Gayo OFW 2017


4 thoughts on “Dramatic Film for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

  1. Great video, but the sound while you talking is not clear, it is not static, all I want to say the sound quality is not good enough, however I know the meaning of working out of the country, specially when you got sick, as no one stands right next until you heal , because everybody is busy due to their work and other stuff they want to do, they pass in a very hard condition .they are many expatriates suffering from that, but no choice, we have to rsist until we reach our goal to build our future, to illustrate, homesickness has conquered my mind while I was working abroad, I feel like my body in a country, and my mind in another country, thinking of my family, thanks for sharing Albergayo!🙂

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful feedback Hussein, yes it is not easy to work away from your family and loved ones, but to sacrifice for our family is sometimes essential and you know and experienced the feeling behind it and I look forward to one day just being with my family and country for good.

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