Meeting Nigerian Actress Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G

PATIENCE OZOKWORWe, filmmakers, are always excited to meet actors and actresses all over the world especially if they are noted for their excellent work like meeting Actress Patience Ozokwor who won the Best Supporting Actress at the 10th African Film Award.

With her numerous films to date, she is known for the character of being mischievous, naughty, and bold roles, of being an antagonist, strangely enough in real life, she is the quiet, reserved, and a person of God.

She came to Dubai to minister with the Great Light Ministry in Ajman and KDJ invited me to meet her and see the program, I came a bit early because I was lost, but went directly to the lobby to wait for KDJ, as I sat waiting I notice a couple of African woman sitting quietly beside the window watching families swimming below as they talk to each other in a soft voice and smiling and glancing back at the pool below.

KDJ arrived later on and ushered and introduced me to the Pastor and we were asked to go to the hotel ballroom, I was greeted warmly with the African brothers and I realized I’m the only Filipino in the whole congregation.

The program went on vigorously with singing, drama, and worships until Patience was introduced and walked up to the pulpit. For one hour, she sang, talked, whispered, pleaded, shouted, and loved the audience with her messages ranging from make-up, fornication, mischievousness, and inspiration.  It was indeed a great message from our Heavenly Father with her knowledgeable quote on the scriptures.

Right after the service, I had a few moments with her, introduced myself told him I’m a filmmaker and she gave me the reassuring smile and look forward to working together in my future films.



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