Films and Ladies Night

IMG_2456IMG_2454It was supposed to be just a plain Ladies Night but after having 6 of the wonderful ladies ranging from engineer to businesswomen to entrepreneurs plus myself we all agreed to change it to “Life Group”. From the originally planned timing of 1 hour by the time we separated, we realized that we spent over 3 hours of fun, ideas, pain, and laughter.

For me as a filmmaker, it was a wonderful night of research on how women really think and feel as one by one they tell their stories through the questionnaires they took from the draw, their ideas, their hopes, and their rich experiences in life.

It was my first time to sit in with 6 ladies most on the prime time of their life, and yet as if they were just talking about their Barbie dolls or their high school escapades with lots of laughter, pains, and disappointments, and yet at the same time one can feel their strength and courage in facing their present circumstances.

I have finished at least 3 films in my mind for that short 3 hours of discussions particularly on the subject of mixed marriage, start up business, love, and relationship, I’d like to capture them one by one on their wonderful stories of struggles, their hardships, and successes.

After the wonderful Iftar dinner and the great service of AL ERZAL RESTAURANT, we said our goodbyes and we gained friends, and somehow look at our life in a new and exciting perspective.

But for me, one of my greatest take home last night was the 3 films I made in my mind, and I look forward to writing them and hopefully canned them, and share to you the wonderful stories of these wonderful ladies in our LIFE GROUP.



4 thoughts on “Films and Ladies Night

  1. Yes kapatid, it was indeed a wonderful sharing life struggles and success, failures, pains, laughter, but most of all is the new found friendship. Lifting each other’s spirits based on our own real experience in this country was the highlight of my day.

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    1. Indeed it was Vivian, thank you very much for sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings and it was wonderful to have known everyone and shared a few our life stories and learned from each other and the great friendship that evolved. Looking forward to the next one.


  2. yes, this kind of intimate but confidential bonding helps a lot. looking forward for more empowering community such as this. salamat po sa inyo its my pleasure meeting you all. i think it is Gods appointed time, He allowed us to meet diff. people to touch lives and learn


  3. Mission: start gain followers of my new religion. 🙂

    Vision: to self engineer and Evolve

    Race: Human Being

    Religion: Humanity, love and Tolerance

    Lets together connect and correct our inner selves, share our healing, our continously changing lives and enrich deeply.humbled..truly blessed with our new Life Group..
    Lets together write our genesis at The FirstBook..

    Amor Love


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