Filming Patience Ozokwo Part1

Finally finished the first part of Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwo’s ministry, this is going to be a 3 part series that will show her latest ministry in Ajman with Great Light Ministry headed by Pastor Phil Eky Okoh.

This shows Patience boldness, love, and concern, towards her fellow Nigerians and everybody in general, one of my Facebook friend Junior Patrick even asked if she sings, and you can see her here singing in full glory and lots more.

Editing the film was very easy, for her every second count, every frame was important, every word she uttered was relevant in this day and age, she was very articulate, clear and concise in all her messages.

Her scripture references were on the dot and she never wasted any minute of her one-hour session.

I now look forward to the part 2 & 3 of her ministry, if you have any comment or any reaction to her or this film, please do not hesitate to mention or write it here.


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