Filming Patience Ozokwo Part 2

Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Part1-3Finally done and finished the Part 2 of Nigerian actress evangelism for Greater Light Ministry and one last part to edit and I can then move on to my other films.

It was refreshing to once again hear her messages and her passion in sharing the messages of our Lord through the gospel scripture. One can feel her passion and her true love to our almighty as Pastor Phil Eky Okoh said she is a “woman of God” and she is indeed.

Her boldness in saying the truth that doesn’t care to any listeners, her voice when she sings that is full of conviction and her body language as she delivers the messages is something to learn from.

The way she owns the stage and how her messages pierce our heart is commendable, as she says, in the beginning, it is not her but the Holy Ghost that delivers the message through her.

But once she is out of the stage, she transforms into a silent, meek, and private person that is very approachable and always have a ready smile.

I look forward working with her once again soon.


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