Experimental filming starts..

glassesWhat happens when you have a relationship for 10 years then you broke up, then after one year you met again accidentally, and you tried to reconcile your past relationship, will it work? what will you do to make it work? will you have the same intensity of love? what happens then?

These are some questions that will be tackled by my next film as we start to roll the cameras today, you might call it, romantic, dramatic, or even romantic comedy but it is going to be under the genre of experimental film.

It is experimental in the way that a new procedure in filmmaking will happen, and I will tell you more about it on my next blog once it is done. It’s experimental in the process of filmmaking, it’s experimental in budgeting and even experimental in storytelling.

The whole cast and crew are excited about the new experiment, I’m excited, this will be my 17th credit in directing and producing and my first feature film to direct after filming mostly shorts,  TVC, and documentaries and I know it will involve lots of hard work, sleepless nights and all, but the excitement supersedes them.

What do I want to achieve in making this film? I always go back to my main statement, “I want to make films that give hope, inspiration, and see the beauty of life”



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