First Day of filming “Year After”

YEAR AFTER POSTERFinally rolled our first day of filming for the feature film “Year After” story of unconditional love and friendship based on a true story,  directed by Albert Gayo, featuring Arnel Hasigan and Angelo Carl.

A mixture of excitement, cooperation, and fun filled our day as we embark on our experimental endeavor, as I mentioned on my earlier blog, this has a lot of experiment in terms of filmmaking, and budgeting, and lots of first as well.

This is the first feature film that is written, and directed by me, after filming at least 15 short and documentary films, I decided to finally make my feature film and create a story close to my heart that will inspire people, look at love in a different angle, and see the real beauty of life not through our eyes but through our heart.

For me genre of drama or life’s reality can be a bit boring if not handled carefully, and that is one of the things I should really look out for, this film will touch your heart but at the same time I want to make sure that you will love every character in the film despite their shortcomings and flaws.

We’re hoping to finish the film in one month and will announce our screening soon, here are some of the behind the scene pics on our first day of filming.




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