Social Media effects on relationship tackled by film “Year After”


Social media might and can ruin your relationship if your not careful, and the worse, it can actually ruin a family, this and more are touched and answered by the feature film “Year After” story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal.

“Year After” is the first feature film written, and directed by Dubai-based Filipino filmmaker Albert Gayo who is also one of the stars of the film, After I wrote , produced and directed over 15 short films and documentaries in which 7 of them were selected and 2 semi-finalist at various International Film Festival, I decided to come out with my first feature film.

It wasn’t easy but once you start rolling it just feels like you are making at least 10 or more short films, the process is longer and you have to constantly change some scenes to make it more interesting and make your characters lovable or horrible and you have to constantly think of situation that will make the film move forward.

But every shoot day is as exciting as the first since we are doing an experimental process of filmmaking, that is shooting it first just having the back story as our background and shoot as we complete the script and it’s amazing how it all turning out.

Once you start filmmaking and enjoyed the process, everything comes easier and one will definitely always look forward to it like I do now. Hope to see you all in our screenings. Playdates will be announced soon.



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