Last few days of filming “Year After”


Last few days shoot of our feature film “Year After” story of unconditional friendship, love, and betrayal, a friendship that span 10 years and got soured by family, social media, and society but fate has made them see each other again.

How much does it take to fix a broken heart? what is the cost of keeping a relationship,
Story of unconditional love, story of hope, longing, and betrayal, an unusual love affair, the love we always wanted but afraid to ask.

What happens when you have a relationship for 10 years then you broke up, then after one year you met again accidentally, and you tried to reconcile your past feelings, will it work? what will you do to make it work? will you have the same intensity of love? what happens then?

What will you do when you found out that the one who was helping you all along was the person you hated the most or is trying to avoid all the time, you are not aware that he actually is the one that saved your life? These and more are some of the questions that will be answered by the movie “Year After” feature film written and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo, coming soon to cinemas near you.


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