The camera​ is important but Story is crucial…


In filmmaking Camera is important but Story is CRUCIAL
In my 10 years of filmmaking TVC, corporate video, and short films, I have used RED Dragon, RED Epic, ARRI ALEXA, CANON, NIKON, SONY, and others and every single one of them had its quality and special features that I adore, but what I learned especially the most important thing in filmmaking is the STORY and the rest will follow.

I have even heard of one feature film that garnered lots of awards and it was filmed using iPhone 7, so if anyone of you had a great story to tell, shoot it and have it filmed whatever camera is to be used it doesn’t matter, what counts is your beautiful story, and share it with the world.

Our first feature film “Year After” was shot in Canon but I’m proud to say that the story will stay in your mind for some time, it’s a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal, story of how social media is affecting our lives, story based on real people of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in the Middle East .

I am proud to say that “Year After” will linger in your minds and senses for a long time, it will make you think of who your real friends are, what is the cost of a real relationship if your love is strong enough to give your life to that person.

Year After written and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay, coming soon in cinemas near you.


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