Give the audience space to think..

We should never underestimate our audience, yes there were times when we shoot our films and inform them of every minute details, once I was watching a movie and I can tell that they just wanted to make the film unnecessary longer.

You see the character open the car, open the door, close the door, go up the stairs, open the bedroom door, close the bedroom door and lie down in bed, where in fact we can just show him open the car and cut it into him lying in bed because the rest of action does not mean or do anything to the character.

Unless something important happens or something relevant is there for later but shooting it for the sake of making the film long is unfair for our audience.

Once we watched any film of our choice it only shows that we care, we care because we expected to listen and watch the story, we watched because we want to know what happened, either the tagline or the trailer had intrigued us that we want to know more about the character because we CARE.

Follow the story of James and Carlo as they struggle to keep their past relationship intact even after their family, social media, and people around them ruined their precious connection, will they succeed in keeping it or will they just go with the flow and follow what the society dictates.

“Year After” story of unconditional love, longing, and betrayal written and directed by the Middle East based Filipino director Albert Gayo, featuring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo coming soon to cinemas near you.


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