Worldwide Audience for “Year After”


Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Illinois to India, New York to Manila, Canada to New Zealand and even as far as Afghanistan are in my status that reads and follows the development of filming our first feature film “Year After”.

I’m always excited and look forward to my blog because there is always an interesting person that reads it and follow from different parts of the world, and it only shows how social media connects us and how it penetrates to places unthinkable over the past generation.

That is one great part of social media, on the other side, social media can still ruin a family, friendship or relationship if not handled carefully like what we also have in our film.

Year After is the story of James and Carlo as they meet accidentally after one year being separated because of James wife, after their 9 years of best of friend relationship, James needed Carlo’s  help once again, but James love for his kid and wife is in between them but  Carlo will do everything and anything for James.

Will their relationship endure or will the society and social media affect their love and longing for each other? Is there a real cost for true friendship? These and lots more will be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo coming soon the cinemas near you.


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