Where and How to market and distribute your Indie film..


Scene from “Year After”

For Filmmakers one of the challenges is the marketing and distribution part of the films, now you have the finished edited film in your hard drive and you want to show it to the world, how do we dot it.

There are various ways in which to do this and also depending on which part of the world you are in, the first option is self-distribution, this is where you get in touch with different distributors and show them your film and if they get interested they do distribution for you.

Also, you can actually talk to your local cinema owner or cinema managers and either hire the screening room for a couple of days with an option of longer runs and negotiate the ticket sales percentage.

Another option is you pay certain film distribution company and they will charge you a certain amount, I know one agency in Los Angles or New York and with a minimum amount of $10,000 you can have a cinema run in either one of the city together with publicist and marketing online, they will do everything for your film to make sure you get the exposure you wanted worldwide.

One more option is to enter International Film Festival especially the major ones and once you get awards or become a winner and manage to build the hype, then the film distribution companies will be the one running after you to get signed up.

As we say, filmmaking is not only an art form but at the same time a business as well, and most of the filmmakers always and should allocate a fair amount of budget on marketing and distributing our films.

We want to communicate to as many viewers as we can because we believed in the story that we did and it is a shame if we won’t be able to show it to the world.

“Year After” first feature film written and directed by OFW Filmmaker Albert Gayo after completing about 15 short films and documentaries in which some of them were shown in Film festivals in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Bangladesh and Miami is a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lorenz Binghay and Carl Lorenz will be shown in cinemas near you.


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