How to become Master Storytellers..

If you want to master storytelling, don’t just watch movies.
It’s not enough just to watch movies and other works to improve your storytelling, we should read lots of books, feel lots of theater, watch the opera, read the news, meet people and observe our surroundings, these and more are needed to become masters of storytelling and filmmaking.

Because it is through these that we listen to the wonderful happenings of people in life, it is through these that we listen and learned about the exciting moments of people around us, it is through these that we listen and write those wonderful moments that we capture in our camera and imaginations.

There are times when we watch movies and the visuals we see are embedded in our minds like illusions from dreams that doesn’t go away and yet they are not enough to make the tapestry of our stories, we’ve got to give it some meat, some souls and we do this by putting on experiences that we read, experiences that we heard, thighs that we experienced first hand.

So to master storytelling, don’t just watch movies, let your senses work, watch, feel breath every moment, everything you read, hear and experience, follow your senses.

“Year After” is a story of best friends James and Carlo that turned sour after 9 years of friendship because of James wife, but after one year they accidentally met each other once again and realized their needs of depending from each other. What are you willing to do for your best friend? will you love your friend to the extent of losing your family? these and lots more are going to be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo, Lawrence Binghay and Carl Lorenz, coming soon to cinemas near you.


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