Film is an Art but also a Business.

We always think that filmmakers job is to make films because we are artist, it is actually one of the most exciting art forms because as filmmakers we can create new life, we can create a new world new hope, new beginning, yet after we had created this and bring to life a story from our imagination what’s next?

We then want to share it with as many people as we can reach, we want to tell them the story that we created, show them the new world, the new person we gave life to and this is where the business side starts.

As one of the famous director Werner Herzog said ”Film is an Art but it’s also a business” yes, filmmakers, it is not enough to have the finished film in our hands if no one or there is not enough people to watch it.

We should find a way to screen it to as many people as we can, to as much crowd as we can to show them the new world we created, the new characters we gave life to and maybe they will be able to sympathize with our creations or be with or against them

Once in a while we get bashers that do not understand our films or the world we created, do not be discouraged for we know what is involve in the process, we filmmakers do not make films for certain individuals, we make films to tell them the story we know to the best of our abilities using the tools we have the camera and lights.

If one way or the other some people get to change their actions, beliefs, or understanding because of what we have shown them then we won.

“Year After” is the first feature film written, and directed by Dubai-based Filipino OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo who is also one of the stars of the film, “After I wrote, produced and directed over 15 short films and documentaries in which 7 of them were selected and 2 semi-finalist at various International Film Festival, I decided to come out with my first feature film”

“Year After” is a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lorenz Binghay, Albert Gayo, Carl Lorenz Melias, Kenzo Garcia, and Beth Castillano, coming soon in cinemas near you.



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