Location Inspires Stories..

“Learn how to find spectacular locations and turn them into functional sets for your own films” Werner Herzog

Once I asked Filipino award-winning director Brilliante Mendoza what is his next project after “Lola” in a Q&A portion after his film screening at DIFF, he thought for a while and said “I’d like to do something about Mindanao but will know once I’m at the location” then a year after that encounter, “Thy Womb” was shown.

Yes, location sometimes gives you the inspiration on what story to tell, maybe one of the reasons why most of my short films and my first feature film “Year After” are all about OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in the Middle East.

After spending 22 years in Bahrain and 8 years in Dubai I have lived, worked, and met friends and people that told me their life experiences and even saw their interesting and wonderful struggles, hardships and celebrations of living in the Middle East.

There were a few inspiring OFW films that came out from the Middle East in the last decade, “Sarah Balabagan”, “Dubai” “Katas ng Saudi” among others but I don’t think there’s enough remarkable films that I can think of or films that are worth remembering.

And to think that there are over 2 million OFW working in the Middle East for the last few years, just imagine the 2 million stories they have. So our first feature film “Year After” written, produced, and directed by Albert Gayo will focus on some of the Filipinos who are working and worked in the Middle East for some time.

“Year After” is a movie that will look at the life of best friends James and Carlo and their hopes, struggles, betrayal, and beauty of their life in the Middle East, starring Arnel Hasigan, Angel Carl, Lorenz Binghay, Carl Melias, Kenzo Garcia, and Beth Castillano, coming soon to cinemas near you.


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