Inspire your cast and crew…

The power of leading by example to inspire your cast and crew. As the director of the film everyone looks upon you, from the time you enter the set until the very last minute, so make sure that you inspire your cast and crew.

The way you handle a different situation, the way you make decisions to as simple as talking to the grip or makeup artist or even to the caterer everyone’s eye is on the director.

It’s not easy to handle lots of people because each one feels their responsibility to deliver and give you the best performance they can offer, they have each their concern to handle so we have to be easy on them.

Inspiring the cast and crew does not only involve how good the film is but how good the director attitude is while filming, give them the best of ourselves, treat them the way we want to be treated.

“Year After” is a movie written, produced, and directed by OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo based on true story that looks at the life of best friends James and Carlo and their hopes, struggles, betrayal, and beauty of life in the Middle East, starring Arnel Hasigan, Angel Carl, Lorenz Binghay, Carl Lorenz Melias, Kenzo Garcia, and Beth Castillano, coming soon to cinemas near you.


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