Know the HEART of men..

_MG_5510Know the heart of men, learn how to get to the heart of your subject and shape your story. A great story revolves around this, once you know the heart of men because every heart has different needs, laughter, hope, inspiration, and lots more, every heart yearns for something beyond comprehension.

That is why most of the classic films, remembered, awarded and the ones that stick to our minds are films that deals with the heart, this is a universal language, a language understood by every human being and often times even by animals.

Stories that touch the heart of men will always linger through eternity and beyond, there are times when stories told or movies have all the qualities to be a blockbuster but if it has no heart it will then be easily forgotten.

Think of all the great films you saw through the years and think of what you remember, the music, cinematography, locations but most of all we remember the characters and the way they handle their heart issues.

One of Albert Gayo’s short films “Cities with a Heart” was shown in international film festivals such as New York Audience Now, Big Arthouse Chicago, and Indiewise Miami Filmfest, Wiper Filmfest, and also a semi-finalist for Short International Open Filmfest in Bangladesh, “Crystal Wish” won Best Actress for Emirates Short Film Festival, his recent music video “If No Be God” is also a semi-finalist for Caribbean Market Filmfest and Indiewise Miami Filmfest on top of his other 3 films that were also shown in different international screenings.

Now, Albert has already received invitations to screen his first feature film “Year After” in various International Film Festival around the world.

“Year After” is a story of best friend James and Carlo that turned sour after 9 years of friendship because of James wife, but after one year they accidentally met each other once again and realized their needs of depending from one another. What are you willing to do for your best friend? will you love your friend to the extent of losing your family? these and lots more are going to be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo, Lawrence Binghay , Beth Castillano and Carl Lorenz, coming soon to cinemas near you.


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