Selected for AM Egypt Film Festival

Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Part1-2I’m over the moon for selecting my film to be shown at the AM Egypt Film Festival 2017 knowing that more people will once again be able to watch my film and savor its message.

I found it amazing how this film has survived and still be appreciated by a worldwide audience for the last 3 years, We shoot this film in 2014 and it is still going strong among the film festivals around the world.

This is a story of a filmmaker who goes around the world looking for cities with a heart, cities that react and takes care of disabled people in the street, cities that take cares of its citizens.

We filmmakers have a responsibility to communicate and tell our viewers of what is happening around us, to let our audience move to action, to  let our audience think of the best way to live life to the fullest on top of entertaining themselves, I always believe that we should leave the audience something to think about on how to improve their situation or situations of their neighbors.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the festivals that have included my film in their selection through the years, New York Audience Now Filmfest, Big Arthouse Chicago Filmfest, Wiper Filmfest, Emirates Short Filmfest, International Open Short Filmfest in Bangladesh, Indiewise Miami Filmfest, and now AM Egypt Filmfest.

Thank you and I now look forward to my first feature film “Year After” to be released in the cinemas soon.




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