Asiana Hotel, Makati Laugh Factory for “Year After” final scene.

AL W MJ.JPGAL W DYLANAL W RICOFinally, after 15 days of the rigorous shoot, we had our last scene done for our feature film “Year After” and we are proud to say that we have now started our post production where we add all the necessary elements like music, sounds, and effects to share our story.

Story of unconditional love, story of hope, longing, and love betrayed, an unusual love affair, the love we always wanted but afraid to ask.

Year After is a story of best friend James and Carlo that turned sour after 9 years of friendship because of James wife, but after one year they accidentally met each other once again and realized their needs of depending from one another. What are you willing to do for your best friend? will you love your friend to the extent of losing your family? these and lots more are going to be tackled by Year After starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo, Lawrence Binghay, Beth Castillano and Carl Lorenz, coming soon to cinemas near you.

Will their relationship endure or will the society and social media affect their love and longing for each other? Is there a real cost for true friendship? These and lots more will be tackled by Year After.

“Year After” is the first feature film written, and directed by Dubai based OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo who is also one of the stars of the film, “After I wrote, produced and directed over 15 short films and documentaries in which 7 of them were selected and 2 semi finalist at various International Film Festival, I decided to come out with my first feature film”.

One of Albert Gayo short films “Cities with a Heart” was shown in international film festivals such as New York Audience Now, Big Arthouse Chicago, Indiewise Miami Filmfest, Wiper Filmfest, Emirates Short Filmfest, Am Egypt Filmfest, and also a semi-finalist for Short International Open Filmfest in Bangladesh, Crystal Wish won Best Actress for Emirates Short Film Festival, his recent music video If No Be God is also a semi-finalist for Caribbean Market Filmfest and Indiewise Miami Filmfest on top of his other 3 films that were also shown in different international screenings.

“Year After” is a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lorenz Binghay, Albert Gayo, Carl Lorenz Melias, Kenzo Garcia, and Beth Castillano, coming soon to cinemas near you.




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