Give the audience space to think..

We should never underestimate our audience, yes there were times when we shoot our films and inform them of every minute details, once I was watching a movie and I can tell that they just wanted to make the film unnecessary longer.

You see the character open the car, open the door, close the door, go up the stairs, open the bedroom door, close the bedroom door and lie down in bed, where in fact we can just show him open the car and cut it into him lying in bed because the rest of action does not mean or do anything to the character.

Unless something important happens or something relevant is there for later but shooting it for the sake of making the film long is unfair for our audience.

Once we watched any film of our choice it only shows that we care, we care because we expected to listen and watch the story, we watched because we want to know what happened, either the tagline or the trailer had intrigued us that we want to know more about the character because we CARE.

Follow the story of James and Carlo as they struggle to keep their past relationship intact even after their family, social media, and people around them ruined their precious connection, will they succeed in keeping it or will they just go with the flow and follow what the society dictates.

“Year After” story of unconditional love, longing, and betrayal written and directed by the Middle East based Filipino director Albert Gayo, featuring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo coming soon to cinemas near you.

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Informative article for filmmakers out there..

BSI Films / Film & TV Production

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Investors, network and industry executives answering questions and telling the truth about what it takes for independents to get funding for their film or their TV project submitted to the networks.
Some of you may have already read this information. I posted it again because for those who have not read it, they may find it helpful.
My name is Elyse, and I am a producer and new member to the production team at BSI.
I was invited by our executives to attend an event attended by Hollywood executives, insiders and investors from different parts of the world, and had a candid conversation with investor Syd Shaffer from Europe and two of his partners.
Mr. Shaffer and his team have helped raise funds for some of the world’s top grossing films, including several major projects that our executive producers –

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Worldwide Audience for “Year After”


Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Illinois to India, New York to Manila, Canada to New Zealand and even as far as Afghanistan are in my status that reads and follows the development of filming our first feature film “Year After”.

I’m always excited and look forward to my blog because there is always an interesting person that reads it and follow from different parts of the world, and it only shows how social media connects us and how it penetrates to places unthinkable over the past generation.

That is one great part of social media, on the other side, social media can still ruin a family, friendship or relationship if not handled carefully like what we also have in our film.

Year After is the story of James and Carlo as they meet accidentally after one year being separated because of James wife, after their 9 years of best of friend relationship, James needed Carlo’s  help once again, but James love for his kid and wife is in between them but  Carlo will do everything and anything for James.

Will their relationship endure or will the society and social media affect their love and longing for each other? Is there a real cost for true friendship? These and lots more will be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay and Albert Gayo coming soon the cinemas near you.

Ecstatic in being a Semi-Finalist for one of my films…

Thesis Film Black and White PosterI’m ecstatic once again for receiving another laurel for one of the latest videos I directed this year from the Carribean Film Festival & Market 2017 which makes it my 4th Laurel for 2017.

I would like to thank our singer artist KDJ for the wonderful music and of course, our DOP and editor MJ Madrideo for the job well done, I have entered this music video for about 5 International Film  Festivals and this is the first one that gave the feedback.

Also, I’m glad and happy that KDJ is now writing his next song that we hope to shoot again very soon, the sleepless nights and hard work of the artist and crew paid off, just becoming an official selection for International Festivals, where thousands of entries are reviewed, is a humbling experience for all of us and we ought it all to God.

And for us filmmakers this is one sign that we must be doing something right to be included in such prestigious awards, thank you for the jurors, and judges who voted for our film.

So far 3 of my films will be shown in Indiewise Filmfest in Miami on 25-27th August this year, “Cities With A Heart”, Airport to Takseem Square” and “If No Be God”.

This gives me even more encouragement and determination for our upcoming feature films to be shown this year, “Before Suicide” with Robert Cristina Trif and “Year After” with Angelo Carl and Arnel Hasigan.



Location can make or break your STORY…

Location of the story can make or break the aesthetics of your film, this is another lesson I learned after almost on the last few scenes of our  first feature film “Year After” the flow of the story and following our characters James and Carlo as they weave their tales all over Dubai is exciting itself as we follow the ups and down of their everyday life.

It also shows the life of OFW(Overseas Filipino Workers) who come to Dubai to face the reality of looking for work and other important decisions they have to make while in the Middle East.

“Year After” written, produced and directed by Albert Gayo also tackles about the effect of social media and what it can do to a family. The movie will also touch deeply on human emotions, unconditional love, true friendship, and betrayal.

“Year After” will be forwarded to International Film Festivals and will be shown at cinemas near you, starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo and Lawrence Binghay.

The camera​ is important but Story is crucial…


In filmmaking Camera is important but Story is CRUCIAL
In my 10 years of filmmaking TVC, corporate video, and short films, I have used RED Dragon, RED Epic, ARRI ALEXA, CANON, NIKON, SONY, and others and every single one of them had its quality and special features that I adore, but what I learned especially the most important thing in filmmaking is the STORY and the rest will follow.

I have even heard of one feature film that garnered lots of awards and it was filmed using iPhone 7, so if anyone of you had a great story to tell, shoot it and have it filmed whatever camera is to be used it doesn’t matter, what counts is your beautiful story, and share it with the world.

Our first feature film “Year After” was shot in Canon but I’m proud to say that the story will stay in your mind for some time, it’s a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal, story of how social media is affecting our lives, story based on real people of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in the Middle East .

I am proud to say that “Year After” will linger in your minds and senses for a long time, it will make you think of who your real friends are, what is the cost of a real relationship if your love is strong enough to give your life to that person.

Year After written and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay, coming soon in cinemas near you.