KDJ new music video “I Like The Way” directed by OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo.


KDJ new single “I Like The Way” to be launched end of August

After the success of KDJ’s 1st single “If No Be God” that is making waves in Nigerian gospel songs scene, his next song “I Like The Way” will be launched end of this month.

“If No Be God” composed and performed by KDJ so far until now is becoming a byword of the Christians all over Nigeria, Dubai, Philippines and other parts of Africa, it is even commissioned by a communication company in Nigeria to become one of the ring tone for their company.

At the same time, “If No Be God” music video became a semi finalist at Carribean Film Festival and an official entry to “Grand Indiewise Filmfest in Miami, USA directed by Dubai based Filipino OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo and DOP Mj Madrideo.

Following the success of “If No Be God” the next music video “I Like The Way” has also the same team up of OFW Filipino filmmakers DOP Mj Madrideo and Director Albert Gayo shot in a beautiful yacht.

“I Like The Way” music video will be launched at the end of this month and will also go to Film Festivals around the world.

Now KDJ is preparing to launch his first album before the end of this year. For more information, you can email asgshortfilms@gmail.com




Directing KDJ Music Video aboard Majesty 44 Yacht.


Just finished directing the 2nd music video of KDJ entitled “I Like The Way” on Majesty 44 Yacht from Royal Blue Coast.

I was slightly worried at the start because of the big waves and the strong wind, the first hour was a struggle trying our best to stabilize the camera but because of the wind and waves we were all over the place.

Then after an hour, we manage to have a good footing to set up the camera, but because of the weather and humidity all our cameras were having their moist on all lenses, we then have to wait for more time until the moist cleared up.

By this time our DOP Mj Madrideo has vomited, his assistant Mike also felt dizzy and decided to have a nap and I hold on well and drunk lots of soda, by the time we reached the Palm Jumeirah area the waves went down a bit, Mj and Mike was better and we started rolling.

During all these our cast headed by Mico Angles, JCJKI Dancers, Ariel Diaz Cativo, Arlene Diaz Cativo, Hyd’z Zehcnas, Olugna Beberly Verana Cativo, were having a great time doing their selfie and rehearsing the shoot, we also would like to thank Francesz Elyssah Marie for the sumptuous cake she made.

While these things are happening, our singer KDJ had all the patience waiting, cajoling, anticipating for everyone’s next move and was so happy on the final result.

As the saying goes “If you have patience it always work out at the end” and that is certainly what happened, the last 30 minutes with the beautiful sunset and that magic hour gave us a mesmerizing time and came out with the magical music video.

It is now under post production and will definitely share it to all of you guys later on.


Filming Patience Ozokwo Part 2

Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Part1-3Finally done and finished the Part 2 of Nigerian actress evangelism for Greater Light Ministry and one last part to edit and I can then move on to my other films.

It was refreshing to once again hear her messages and her passion in sharing the messages of our Lord through the gospel scripture. One can feel her passion and her true love to our almighty as Pastor Phil Eky Okoh said she is a “woman of God” and she is indeed.

Her boldness in saying the truth that doesn’t care to any listeners, her voice when she sings that is full of conviction and her body language as she delivers the messages is something to learn from.

The way she owns the stage and how her messages pierce our heart is commendable, as she says, in the beginning, it is not her but the Holy Ghost that delivers the message through her.

But once she is out of the stage, she transforms into a silent, meek, and private person that is very approachable and always have a ready smile.

I look forward working with her once again soon.

Meeting Nigerian Actress Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G

PATIENCE OZOKWORWe, filmmakers, are always excited to meet actors and actresses all over the world especially if they are noted for their excellent work like meeting Actress Patience Ozokwor who won the Best Supporting Actress at the 10th African Film Award.

With her numerous films to date, she is known for the character of being mischievous, naughty, and bold roles, of being an antagonist, strangely enough in real life, she is the quiet, reserved, and a person of God.

She came to Dubai to minister with the Great Light Ministry in Ajman and KDJ invited me to meet her and see the program, I came a bit early because I was lost, but went directly to the lobby to wait for KDJ, as I sat waiting I notice a couple of African woman sitting quietly beside the window watching families swimming below as they talk to each other in a soft voice and smiling and glancing back at the pool below.

KDJ arrived later on and ushered and introduced me to the Pastor and we were asked to go to the hotel ballroom, I was greeted warmly with the African brothers and I realized I’m the only Filipino in the whole congregation.

The program went on vigorously with singing, drama, and worships until Patience was introduced and walked up to the pulpit. For one hour, she sang, talked, whispered, pleaded, shouted, and loved the audience with her messages ranging from make-up, fornication, mischievousness, and inspiration.  It was indeed a great message from our Heavenly Father with her knowledgeable quote on the scriptures.

Right after the service, I had a few moments with her, introduced myself told him I’m a filmmaker and she gave me the reassuring smile and look forward to working together in my future films.