My work with China GXTV watched by 20 million people


It was exciting to see my works of the Arab Fashion Week shown in China by GXTV and watched by over 20 million people.

Below is the link where I directed and shoot Annina Fedorkova one of the presenters of the show especially when she interviewed Arab Fashion Week CEO.

I can say that another one of my hard work has paid off after watching this coverage and we look forward to the next one. I also would like to thank Daniella who came all the way from Hongkong to be with us in the production.

GXTV is one of the leading magazine TV programs in Shanghai that covers, entertainment, movies, fashion, music, and others and broadcasted all over the country watched by over 20 million people.

Their extensive week long coverage of the last Arab Fashion Week will run for 6 episodes and every episode will feature Dubai based actress Annina Federkova as a presenter shot by filmmaker Albert Gayo.

The 2nd episode will be aired tomorrow and the others during the next two weeks and we look forward watching the whole 6 episodes of the program.

Here is the link to the TV program.

Directing KDJ Music Video aboard Majesty 44 Yacht.


Just finished directing the 2nd music video of KDJ entitled “I Like The Way” on Majesty 44 Yacht from Royal Blue Coast.

I was slightly worried at the start because of the big waves and the strong wind, the first hour was a struggle trying our best to stabilize the camera but because of the wind and waves we were all over the place.

Then after an hour, we manage to have a good footing to set up the camera, but because of the weather and humidity all our cameras were having their moist on all lenses, we then have to wait for more time until the moist cleared up.

By this time our DOP Mj Madrideo has vomited, his assistant Mike also felt dizzy and decided to have a nap and I hold on well and drunk lots of soda, by the time we reached the Palm Jumeirah area the waves went down a bit, Mj and Mike was better and we started rolling.

During all these our cast headed by Mico Angles, JCJKI Dancers, Ariel Diaz Cativo, Arlene Diaz Cativo, Hyd’z Zehcnas, Olugna Beberly Verana Cativo, were having a great time doing their selfie and rehearsing the shoot, we also would like to thank Francesz Elyssah Marie for the sumptuous cake she made.

While these things are happening, our singer KDJ had all the patience waiting, cajoling, anticipating for everyone’s next move and was so happy on the final result.

As the saying goes “If you have patience it always work out at the end” and that is certainly what happened, the last 30 minutes with the beautiful sunset and that magic hour gave us a mesmerizing time and came out with the magical music video.

It is now under post production and will definitely share it to all of you guys later on.


Finished Filming “Hello Au Revoir”

MV5BZDVhOTE0NDQtYjVkYy00NTczLWI5MDQtZTBkMTg4YjBjNmQ3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTE2NTQwODA@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,647,1000_AL_Thank you “Hello Au Revoir” for including me in the cast to represent Dubai and felicitation for the wonderful concept of Director Jason Croot and Robert Cristian Trif for including me in this ambitious film project.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of a revolutionary feature film that will be shown in cinemas 2018. I just finished shooting for a project that is bound to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for its unique format never seen before in the cinemas.

To the production crew of “Hello Au Revoir” headed by director Jason Croot, thank you for coming up with the interesting project.


Art Direction for Sports Channel Promo

IMG-2930.JPGIMG-2922.JPGFinished another Art direction for a sports channel football pilot promo and happy with the result as always.

It is always fun to Art direct and builds a set with a team especially once you have something in your mind and vision and see it completed. Also, if you have a good director to work with like Moneer Barakat.

Once again we teamed up with RGB Production and some cast from our last Burger King World Cup shoot and it’s like going back in time but more fun as ever.

The props we used were interesting especially the scarecrow and other items, the whole team is looking forward to shooting the next few series after this wonderful, exciting and commendable pilot.

The camera crew with our DOP Elias and their assistants with Erik and the lighting guys had another wonderful result with ALEXA and the wardrobe, hair & makeup are as always on top of their art form.

Thank you once again, Jibu and Ashwin from RGB Production for another job well done.

Another Laurel to my Film “Walk To Metro”

WALK TO METROI’m over the moon the once again after receiving this letter:

Congratulations Albert,

Your submission for “Walk To Metro” has been received by TransNation Film Festival and is now in consideration.  This entitles you to a Title Page on IMDb, the most trafficked movie site in the world – with 57 million film fans visiting each month.  IMDb is eager to help you publicize and promote your movie right now, as soon as it’s ready for the world, not just after you’ve won recognition for it.  Your Title Page on IMDb is free, and the setup is automatic, since you have already linked your IMDb and Withoutabox accounts.

We will notify you once “Walk To Metro” has been validated by IMDb’s data editors, which can take up to two weeks.  You’ll then be able to upload video to your Title Page, such as trailers and clips.  (Video has quickly become an essential part of any IMDb Title Page, so prepare for that.)  Got questions?  Contact support at:

Enjoy your new Title Page, and make good use of it!

Team, Withoutabox
A Division of IMDb

I feel that my hard work has once again resulted in sharing my vision and look at the beauty of life here in Dubai and beyond, thank you TransNation Film Festival for having my film considered in your showcase.

Selected for AM Egypt Film Festival

Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Part1-2I’m over the moon for selecting my film to be shown at the AM Egypt Film Festival 2017 knowing that more people will once again be able to watch my film and savor its message.

I found it amazing how this film has survived and still be appreciated by a worldwide audience for the last 3 years, We shoot this film in 2014 and it is still going strong among the film festivals around the world.

This is a story of a filmmaker who goes around the world looking for cities with a heart, cities that react and takes care of disabled people in the street, cities that take cares of its citizens.

We filmmakers have a responsibility to communicate and tell our viewers of what is happening around us, to let our audience move to action, to  let our audience think of the best way to live life to the fullest on top of entertaining themselves, I always believe that we should leave the audience something to think about on how to improve their situation or situations of their neighbors.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the festivals that have included my film in their selection through the years, New York Audience Now Filmfest, Big Arthouse Chicago Filmfest, Wiper Filmfest, Emirates Short Filmfest, International Open Short Filmfest in Bangladesh, Indiewise Miami Filmfest, and now AM Egypt Filmfest.

Thank you and I now look forward to my first feature film “Year After” to be released in the cinemas soon.



Official Trailer of “Year After”

Here is the official trailer for our first feature film “Year After”, a story of unconditional love, friendship, and betrayal, coming soon to cinemas near you.

“Year After” is written, produced and directed by OFW Filmmaker Albert Gayo featuring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lorenz Binghay, Carl Lorenz and Beth Castillano.

We are now in post-production stages and the fun has just begun.