How to become Master Storytellers..

If you want to master storytelling, don’t just watch movies.
It’s not enough just to watch movies and other works to improve your storytelling, we should read lots of books, feel lots of theater, watch the opera, read the news, meet people and observe our surroundings, these and more are needed to become masters of storytelling and filmmaking.

Because it is through these that we listen to the wonderful happenings of people in life, it is through these that we listen and learned about the exciting moments of people around us, it is through these that we listen and write those wonderful moments that we capture in our camera and imaginations.

There are times when we watch movies and the visuals we see are embedded in our minds like illusions from dreams that doesn’t go away and yet they are not enough to make the tapestry of our stories, we’ve got to give it some meat, some souls and we do this by putting on experiences that we read, experiences that we heard, thighs that we experienced first hand.

So to master storytelling, don’t just watch movies, let your senses work, watch, feel breath every moment, everything you read, hear and experience, follow your senses.

“Year After” is a story of best friends James and Carlo that turned sour after 9 years of friendship because of James wife, but after one year they accidentally met each other once again and realized their needs of depending from each other. What are you willing to do for your best friend? will you love your friend to the extent of losing your family? these and lots more are going to be tackled by “Year After” starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo, Lawrence Binghay and Carl Lorenz, coming soon to cinemas near you.


Documentary to Miami Filmfest

Istanbulrain, Metro,Market, EtcI’m very excited because another one of my films shot last year was accepted and will be shown to Indiewise Film Festival, Miami USA on 25-27th August 2017.

This film was shot when I went for the first time in Istanbul to shoot  TVC and decided to film my way from the airport going to my hotel and the conversation that ensued with our production manager and the sights and sounds I see and hear on the way.

I myself consider it an experimental film because there is no script, no plan, and just decided to shoot as we go along and put everything in perspective on the editing table and I was happy with the final result.

“Airport to Taksim Square” 2016 was another one of my many films that have recieved awards and included in International Film Festivals among others.

Dramatic Film for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

There are at least over 5 Millon Filipinos working outside the Philippines and there are at least over 1 Million in Saudi Arabia alone and the whole Middle East and we, OFW,  are heralded as Philippines modern heroes.

The last election President Duterte was put into power because of the high percentage of the votes coming from OFW and last year alone our remittances to the Philippines came into over $8 Million.

But there is a sad reality to this wonderful statistics, family breakdown, social injustice, stress, illegitimate kids, and others, and most of all families back in the Philippines expect too much financially from us OFW.

This film is dedicated to all OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) around the world who are doing our best to cope up with our families expectations and putting on a happy front face even though deep inside is our longing to be home, with our families, loved ones, and our country.

Please share your thoughts after watching the film.

ofw pic

A Film by Albert Gayo OFW 2017

Filming Lequan Smith designer to Beyonce

Now I understand why Beyonce and Ariana Grande love this designer Lequan Smith. After filming his fashion show at the 2nd day of Arab Fashion Week and had a closer look at his creations I myself wished I could wear those titillating leathers and fabrics to show my curves.

For some of the Arab women in the crowd it might have been a bit too sexy with some collections showing their cleavage or boobs, but to a lot of the women watching, I can see their eyes popped and made thunderous claps to some of the wonderful creations.

Plastic leathers were the most used fabrics with fake cashmere and some wool too, but what is really catching are how the collection are formed together as one cohesive team, that is sexy, sultry, and seductive.

Women who have the curves and wants to have their man looking at them the whole night should certainly have one of Lequan Smith collection, these clothes are certainly the answer to you.

No wonder Lequan’s  favorite designer is Azzedine Alaia because I can see where he is coming from these wonderful pieces of design reminds me of Azzedine, but I can tell you just a couple of years from now Lequan Smith will be another household name in the field of fashion.

I would have love to film him backstage but, unfortunately, my production friends from FASHION CHINA was in a hurry since Lequan was the closing show for the night, I make sure that next season I will talk to him.

What will I ask him?  If you will be asked to design a piece for Cinderella how would you do it? Now, that will be interesting.


For the Love of Filmmaking

There are lots of reason why we make films, to keep memories, to show our technical expertise, to make money, to impress people, but the most important, for me at least is to tell a story, inspire people and most of all to glorify God.

So when I was approached to shoot a worship service and at the same time film the first live show of KDJ, it was already 2 birds with one stone.

KDJ is an upcoming Nigerian singer based in Dubai who just released his first single 2 months ago and started to build up good followers here in Dubai and around the world, his songs are not only inspiring but at the same time give glory to our Lord.

The show with the congregation of (JCGK) Jesus Christ Glorious Kingdom International held at Flora Grand Hotel in Deira, Dubai was a joyous mixture of brothers and sisters who welcomes everyone with their exuding warm hospitality.

The atmosphere of wonderful songs and the talk of their Pastor was calm yet pierces the heart and one can feel the welcome that everyone extends.

KDJ performance was marvelous, the crowd loved it and I can feel the excitement and the joy of his performance as he sings his single “If No Be God”. After his song, the crowd was asking for an encore but unfortunately, he has only rehearsed one song with the band so hopefully, he will do more on his next visit.

This is one of the films that will remain etched in my mind because I made it with the sole purpose, and that is to glorify our Lord.


Happy Mother’s Day

I dedicate this song to my MOM and all the wonderful Mothers of the world, for all your unconditional love, patience, and humility in bringing lots of children like myself into this world and making sure that we live our life to the fullest.

To my Mom for all those sacrifices, wisdom, and love that made me who I am today, thank you, I will never forget the beautiful times we went through life together and those lovely and inspiring moments that will always remain etched in my memories thank you.

I know that every single one of you had experienced the wonderful love of our dear mother and everyone of us has a magical story to tell, this is the time when we all appreciate what our Mom has done for us through the years. This song is for all of you.

Enjoy every minute and make every moment count and let us make our memeories with our Mom MAGICAL…

TVC Art Direction

IMG_1897Finally, after almost 3 weeks from the time, we started the PPM (Pre-Production Meeting), it’s finally out, the CINTHOL soap TVC which is under RGB Production which I did the Art Direction started being aired all over India.

This is one of the latest projects we did where we had the snow machine and made snow in the middle of the desert which was fun, there were lots of cast and crew who slipped and slide including myself since we are not used to having snow in this part of the world let alone in the middle of 35C heat so I supposed it’s but natural.

But we all had fun, it took us 1 day for recce preparation and 2 days shoot from a 4:30 AM call time until sunset, the director with the cast. assistant director, some crew, and clients all came from India and we had a great time on set here in Dubai.

Below is the final cut and I’m sure you can tell how much fun we had, enjoy the TVC and next one I’ll be telling you about the latest short film I just finished as well. Have a wonderful time.