My work with China GXTV watched by 20 million people


It was exciting to see my works of the Arab Fashion Week shown in China by GXTV and watched by over 20 million people.

Below is the link where I directed and shoot Annina Fedorkova one of the presenters of the show especially when she interviewed Arab Fashion Week CEO.

I can say that another one of my hard work has paid off after watching this coverage and we look forward to the next one. I also would like to thank Daniella who came all the way from Hongkong to be with us in the production.

GXTV is one of the leading magazine TV programs in Shanghai that covers, entertainment, movies, fashion, music, and others and broadcasted all over the country watched by over 20 million people.

Their extensive week long coverage of the last Arab Fashion Week will run for 6 episodes and every episode will feature Dubai based actress Annina Federkova as a presenter shot by filmmaker Albert Gayo.

The 2nd episode will be aired tomorrow and the others during the next two weeks and we look forward watching the whole 6 episodes of the program.

Here is the link to the TV program.

Another Laurel to my Film “Walk To Metro”

WALK TO METROI’m over the moon the once again after receiving this letter:

Congratulations Albert,

Your submission for “Walk To Metro” has been received by TransNation Film Festival and is now in consideration.  This entitles you to a Title Page on IMDb, the most trafficked movie site in the world – with 57 million film fans visiting each month.  IMDb is eager to help you publicize and promote your movie right now, as soon as it’s ready for the world, not just after you’ve won recognition for it.  Your Title Page on IMDb is free, and the setup is automatic, since you have already linked your IMDb and Withoutabox accounts.

We will notify you once “Walk To Metro” has been validated by IMDb’s data editors, which can take up to two weeks.  You’ll then be able to upload video to your Title Page, such as trailers and clips.  (Video has quickly become an essential part of any IMDb Title Page, so prepare for that.)  Got questions?  Contact support at:

Enjoy your new Title Page, and make good use of it!

Team, Withoutabox
A Division of IMDb

I feel that my hard work has once again resulted in sharing my vision and look at the beauty of life here in Dubai and beyond, thank you TransNation Film Festival for having my film considered in your showcase.

Filming Patience Ozokwo Part 2

Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Part1-3Finally done and finished the Part 2 of Nigerian actress evangelism for Greater Light Ministry and one last part to edit and I can then move on to my other films.

It was refreshing to once again hear her messages and her passion in sharing the messages of our Lord through the gospel scripture. One can feel her passion and her true love to our almighty as Pastor Phil Eky Okoh said she is a “woman of God” and she is indeed.

Her boldness in saying the truth that doesn’t care to any listeners, her voice when she sings that is full of conviction and her body language as she delivers the messages is something to learn from.

The way she owns the stage and how her messages pierce our heart is commendable, as she says, in the beginning, it is not her but the Holy Ghost that delivers the message through her.

But once she is out of the stage, she transforms into a silent, meek, and private person that is very approachable and always have a ready smile.

I look forward working with her once again soon.

Tatoo Artist Documentary

TATOO ARTISTAs I looked at Rhael Baltazar with his machine, poking, pounding, and piercing the skin I can feel the excruciating pain and I can’t help but asked Fritz, “does it hurt?” Fritz looks at me, smiles and says “Of course it does, but if you want it done you have to ignore the pain” he said bemusedly.

I started on this documentary film because I wanted to know if its easy skill, I have met a few artist in my life, painter, singer, poet, filmmaker, pianist, actors and others but its the first time I have encountered a Tatoo Artist.

Is he earning a lot, what’s on his mind as he pierces those needles to his interesting client’s skin, is he a masochist? does he take joy in hurting people? how did he start? how long has he been doing it? these are just some of the questions I asked to probe on this interesting art form.

And hopefully at the end of the film I will be able to know more on what makes a TATOO ARTIST call himself an accomplished artist.

Will give you the link of the finished documentary on my next blog.