KDJ new music video “I Like The Way” directed by OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo.


KDJ new single “I Like The Way” to be launched end of August

After the success of KDJ’s 1st single “If No Be God” that is making waves in Nigerian gospel songs scene, his next song “I Like The Way” will be launched end of this month.

“If No Be God” composed and performed by KDJ so far until now is becoming a byword of the Christians all over Nigeria, Dubai, Philippines and other parts of Africa, it is even commissioned by a communication company in Nigeria to become one of the ring tone for their company.

At the same time, “If No Be God” music video became a semi finalist at Carribean Film Festival and an official entry to “Grand Indiewise Filmfest in Miami, USA directed by Dubai based Filipino OFW filmmaker Albert Gayo and DOP Mj Madrideo.

Following the success of “If No Be God” the next music video “I Like The Way” has also the same team up of OFW Filipino filmmakers DOP Mj Madrideo and Director Albert Gayo shot in a beautiful yacht.

“I Like The Way” music video will be launched at the end of this month and will also go to Film Festivals around the world.

Now KDJ is preparing to launch his first album before the end of this year. For more information, you can email asgshortfilms@gmail.com




Ecstatic in being a Semi-Finalist for one of my films…

Thesis Film Black and White PosterI’m ecstatic once again for receiving another laurel for one of the latest videos I directed this year from the Carribean Film Festival & Market 2017 which makes it my 4th Laurel for 2017.

I would like to thank our singer artist KDJ for the wonderful music and of course, our DOP and editor MJ Madrideo for the job well done, I have entered this music video for about 5 International Film  Festivals and this is the first one that gave the feedback.

Also, I’m glad and happy that KDJ is now writing his next song that we hope to shoot again very soon, the sleepless nights and hard work of the artist and crew paid off, just becoming an official selection for International Festivals, where thousands of entries are reviewed, is a humbling experience for all of us and we ought it all to God.

And for us filmmakers this is one sign that we must be doing something right to be included in such prestigious awards, thank you for the jurors, and judges who voted for our film.

So far 3 of my films will be shown in Indiewise Filmfest in Miami on 25-27th August this year, “Cities With A Heart”, Airport to Takseem Square” and “If No Be God”.

This gives me even more encouragement and determination for our upcoming feature films to be shown this year, “Before Suicide” with Robert Cristina Trif and “Year After” with Angelo Carl and Arnel Hasigan.



Location can make or break your STORY…

Location of the story can make or break the aesthetics of your film, this is another lesson I learned after almost on the last few scenes of our  first feature film “Year After” the flow of the story and following our characters James and Carlo as they weave their tales all over Dubai is exciting itself as we follow the ups and down of their everyday life.

It also shows the life of OFW(Overseas Filipino Workers) who come to Dubai to face the reality of looking for work and other important decisions they have to make while in the Middle East.

“Year After” written, produced and directed by Albert Gayo also tackles about the effect of social media and what it can do to a family. The movie will also touch deeply on human emotions, unconditional love, true friendship, and betrayal.

“Year After” will be forwarded to International Film Festivals and will be shown at cinemas near you, starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo and Lawrence Binghay.

Make your film Spectacular and Magical


I don’t want to make my life just to be happy like a normal film, I will make it SPECTACULAR and MAGICAL just like the upcoming film “YEAR AFTER” that were filming now, it’s going to be Spectacular. Now you ask me how do we measure being spectacular? Is it the production budget of the film? Is it the number of sponsors, or is it the number or brand of camera used.

No, never, it;’s none of these, look at the difference between Moonlight and La La Land, they were both great films, but Moonlight won the Best Picture because it is spectacular, it is magical, because we remembered Chiron the boy that grew up and how circumstances affected his life and how we sympathize with him on what he went through.

No one can take the glory or moment from you if you never had it, and if you have the glory or self-worth, whatever the people, society, or anyone does to you, your self-worth will remain no matter what.

There are always good filmmaker, but once in a while we come across good filmmakers who happen to be good storytellers at the same time, and those are the ones that become legends, we are not here to compete with anyone but ourselves, we know where we stand and we just continue to work and do our job with passion, with heart, heart, heart…

“Year After” written and directed by Albert Gayo featuring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Lawrence Binghay, coming soon to cinemas near you.


Give your film a HEART…


You’ve got to give it a heart, yes you heard it right, HEART, this is one advice I will give to my fellow filmmakers who are enjoying the process of filmmaking, I personally notice that there are fewer films produced with a heart except for the few short films that I see and watch in youtube.

Now I understand why Moonlight won over La La Land even though the production cost of Moonlight was not even 1/2 of the later because Moonlight has a bigger heart, we fell for that Boy, we felt his heart.

Our first feature film “Year After” have all the needed heart, from the crew to the cast to our characters James, Carlo, Bobby, Lawrence and others, we make sure that before we start to shoot at any time, we remind everyone to feel our heart and imagine our viewers as we deliver every line of dialogue, as we compose every frame, and as we move and act  towards  to each other.

We all believe that heart is what binds our crew and cast together, to tell our audience that what the world needs now aside from all other things is having that HEART, so again my advice to all filmmakers worldwide.

Enjoy and shoot your film but make sure that it’s the film with the heart, like our upcoming “Year After” it’s the film with a big, big, HEART.

Before Suicide Movie Interview

After a grueling week of pre-production, location scout, cast, crew meetings, shooting and editing we are now preparing to set up the premier for “Before Suicide Movie” with the director and producer Robert Cristian Trif .

This is my interview with regards to the film as an Assistant Director,  and other interviews to come out before our premier night, all cast and crew are now excited to watch the final movie and looking forward to sharing it with family and friends.

As always I would like to thank all the wonderful cast and production crew for the great cooperation in making this film and to think that we are from different parts of the world of different nationalities, but manage to work together in harmony and come up with this awesome project.

Very cosmopolitan indeed, our director, writer, and producer from Romania, Robert Cristian Trif, our main actress from Hungary Erika Herbert, another actress Priyanka from India, Talal one of our other cast is from Saudi Arabia, Ayman from Syria, me and 4 other crew from the Philippines and our editor from Ireland, that is a total of 7 nationalities in one film, what more can you ask for.

But working together with one goal to finish and deliver an inspiring worthwhile film, a film with a message of hope and inspiration.

So we are all now waiting for our premier night and look forward to sharing it to all of you.