Credits on GXNTV China watched by over 20 million viewers.


I just thought my name in Chinese is written a bit complicated compared if it was written in English but to think that over 20 million viewers have seen it gives me a relief in the sense that it is overwhelming to see it in Chinese script.

Definitely, it is amazing that the show will also run for 6 episodes and each time will show and have my credits roll for the camera works I’ve done, I am now thinking of doing the cut of the footages in English, to be able to show it on youtube.

Since China does not run youtube or facebook or Instagram unless you get connected to the special connection if you are there, it must be frustrating for some, but with the number of the population, they have they can definitely afford to run their own internet system and be able to support it.

Nevertheless, thank you Annina Fedorkova for putting me in the project, also Daniella for the support and GXNTV for exposing my works to over 20 million viewers and I look forward once again to future projects with you guys.

Below is the link to the show.

There were 6 episodes of Fashion China program broadcasting Arab Fashion Week that aired on GXTV in China here are some. Now available on
Dress by Gianni Calignano
Makeup and hair by Royalbeautyhouse Hair Nail Spa
Camera Albert Gayo & Thomas Landon


Filming Lequan Smith designer to Beyonce

Now I understand why Beyonce and Ariana Grande love this designer Lequan Smith. After filming his fashion show at the 2nd day of Arab Fashion Week and had a closer look at his creations I myself wished I could wear those titillating leathers and fabrics to show my curves.

For some of the Arab women in the crowd it might have been a bit too sexy with some collections showing their cleavage or boobs, but to a lot of the women watching, I can see their eyes popped and made thunderous claps to some of the wonderful creations.

Plastic leathers were the most used fabrics with fake cashmere and some wool too, but what is really catching are how the collection are formed together as one cohesive team, that is sexy, sultry, and seductive.

Women who have the curves and wants to have their man looking at them the whole night should certainly have one of Lequan Smith collection, these clothes are certainly the answer to you.

No wonder Lequan’s  favorite designer is Azzedine Alaia because I can see where he is coming from these wonderful pieces of design reminds me of Azzedine, but I can tell you just a couple of years from now Lequan Smith will be another household name in the field of fashion.

I would have love to film him backstage but, unfortunately, my production friends from FASHION CHINA was in a hurry since Lequan was the closing show for the night, I make sure that next season I will talk to him.

What will I ask him?  If you will be asked to design a piece for Cinderella how would you do it? Now, that will be interesting.


Exciting 2nd Day filming Arab Fashion Week

IMG_2383Exciting 2nd day of Arab Fashion Week and I’m still filming officially for FASHION CHINA, met some new set of wonderful designers, also had a wonderful interview with the CEO and founder of Arab Fashion Week Mr. Jacob and some of the movers of the event.First show “Next Generation” were designed by some of the fashion students of Dubai and it looks promising although they presented it all in black you can see some interesting designers to watch out for.

First show “Next Generation” were designed by some of the fashion students of Dubai and it looks promising although they presented it all in black you can see some interesting designers to watch out for.

Other 3 shows were remarkable too, I would like to thank Angelo once again for the wonderful dinner, Annina’s dress was impeccable so as Daniela and we had lots of talks and plans for future projects.

I would have loved to finish and stay until the last day of this season but unfortunately, I have to start preparing for the upcoming feature film shoot and meeting today as well for the upcoming luxury brand TVC.

I will edit the footages of the film for this event and will post it on my next blog, see you all soon and send love from Dubai…


Filming Arab Fashion Week for Fashion China

AL DANIELA AND ANNINA.jpgAnother exciting week with these wonderful ladies, Annina Fedorkova the presenter for FASHION CHINA and Daniela Shaw who came all the way from China to cover these week exhilarating event was enthralled with the opening of the first batch of designers and even more for me because I get to sit in the front row and marvel, at those lovely creations.

We had lots of fun, laughs, and selfies even while I’m filming and we met some wonderful people as well, Antonio who graciously drop us to the venue and Angelo who was so sweet to arrange for our sumptuous dinner.

I am now sending the raw footages to China and will go on air as soon as they finished the editing. Before going to the fashion show at 6 pm though I had a meeting to Art Direct a luxury brand for a TVC ad campaign, it is a UAE high-end leather brand and I’m also now writing the script as I scribble here.

It’s a shame that tonight will be my last night to cover Arab Fashion Week for Fashion China because I will have PPM (Pre-Production Meeting) tomorrow for the upcoming feature film were shooting.

So you think this is a busy week? Well, you can say so, but as I always said, because I love my work, all of these seem to be just fun, and filmmaking for me is not work but fun, fun, fun.

Thank you Fashion China for this wonderful opportunity and thank you Annina Fedorkova for asking me to do this, and thank you Daniela Shaw and I look forward to more happy filmmaking works with you.