Working with International Stars…

10483937_10153305517804202_4271156206688755633_n10610606_10153305518789202_5857643908146854672_nWORKING WITH INTERNATIONAL STARS IS A PLEASURE
It always makes a difference when you work with professionals and you can’t really see and feel the difference until you’ve done so, in one of my short film that I wrote, produced and directed last year, I had the privilege to work with one of Philippines actress Ms. Jennifer Lee.

Directing Jennifer for the first time was indeed a wonderful experience, she was spot on when it comes to dialogue ad lib, she seem to know what to say before I tell her to say it. She knows the right angles where to position herself, I don’t even have to block her, once I set up the camera she knows the rules of it, the 180 degree rule.

“Selfei” was indeed another short film that I’m really proud of not only because its fun to work with an A list actress from Philippines but also because as a filmmaker I learned a lot from actress like her.

Now with our first feature film “Year After” I’m happy and proud to say that experienced really counts, after writing, producing and directing over 15 short films and documentaries and hundreds of TVC to date this film is a labor of love.

And I thank all the wonderful and great actors and actresses I’ve worked with in one way or the other, from film actress Nora Aunor, Boy Abunda, Nyoy Volante, Kay Brosas, Regine Velasquez, Joyce Jimenez, Alan K, Kris Aquino, Joshua Zamora, Jopay Paguio, Ricky Belmonte, Pops Fernandez, Billy Crawford, Dina Bonnevie, Maribel Lopez, Eugene Dominguez, Erik Santos, Epi Quizon, Bong Navarro, Alfred Vargas, Spanky Manikan, Tony Mabesa, Arnel Ignacio, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Iya Villena, John Prats, Kris Lawrence, Jay-R, Geneva Cruz, Ian de leon, Pepe Smith, Dina Bonevie, German Moreno, Rachel Ann Go, Melanie Marquez, and others, on the Indian actors, Jayasurya, Fahad Fasil, Madhuri Dixit, Vineeth, and Jackie Fernandez, on Hollywood actress and directors I’ve worked with late Roger Vadim husband of Jane Fonda, Joanna Cassidy, Cyndi Pickett, on other International actors Patience Ozokwor, Robert Cristian Trif, Annina Fedorkova, Erika Herbert, and all the other actors, actress, directors and crews that gave me constant advice, in this world of filmmaking, thank you very much, and I know that the list will continue on.

So don’t forget to watch our first feature film “Year After” a story of unconditional love, friendship, longing and betrayal written, produced and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay coming soon to cinemas near you.

Location can make or break your STORY…

Location of the story can make or break the aesthetics of your film, this is another lesson I learned after almost on the last few scenes of our  first feature film “Year After” the flow of the story and following our characters James and Carlo as they weave their tales all over Dubai is exciting itself as we follow the ups and down of their everyday life.

It also shows the life of OFW(Overseas Filipino Workers) who come to Dubai to face the reality of looking for work and other important decisions they have to make while in the Middle East.

“Year After” written, produced and directed by Albert Gayo also tackles about the effect of social media and what it can do to a family. The movie will also touch deeply on human emotions, unconditional love, true friendship, and betrayal.

“Year After” will be forwarded to International Film Festivals and will be shown at cinemas near you, starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan, Albert Gayo and Lawrence Binghay.

Filming “Year After” under the moon…

_MG_5116It was mesmerizing, actor Angelo Carl and the rest of us noticed the beautiful moon as we continue filming for “Year After” we all started sharing wonderful memories and reminisce some of our past stories.

I’ve heard it said before, “Film is imitating life, imitating art” whoever said it in a way is true, as we talk in between takes, some excitement happenings in our life unfolds, and it feels like talking about another film as we shoot our film.

How long can you sustain your love? Do you really believe that there is forever love? Does pure love really exist? these are some of the questions that will be answered by the feature film “Year After” written and directed by Albert Gayo starring Angelo Carl, Arnel Hasigan and Lawrence Binghay.

As we change lens, position our tripod, and have our break after almost 7 hours of filming Angelo outpours his emotion on and off camera about some experiences that somehow change his life.

Now I understand where he is getting his emotions that projects on cam, as one Hollywood actor say “To be a good actor, you have to experience various role in your life, then you can apply it in acting”

Year After, feature film coming soon to cinemas near you.

Working with Roger Vadim…


My ever first encounter in filmmaking was working with Roger Vadim as an assistant hairstylist for the film “Nightgames” in 1979 -1980, the filming were done in one house in Manila and I assisted Graham Oxley who was then one of the senior hairdressers from Rever Salon Mandarin Hotel.

I remember the unforgettable laugh of Joanna Cassidy, who I think became famous as one of the replicant in “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford, unfortunately, there was no iPhone yet to capture what was happening around, but I remember the filming of the party scene with Mr. Vadim in white t-shirt, short, and hat giving instructions to everyone, there were lots of people around and the ambience, the crowd, laughter, and the big camera in front of them stayed in my mind, and I remember them as if it was yesterday.

And from that time on, I said to myself that “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life” …

After 3 days of filming and getting used to the ambiance and all, I went back to work and bought my first camera, it was the Kodak Instamatic and started taking pictures of my family, friends and loved ones. To be able to raise capital on my new found expensive hobby, because of developing charges, I started taking pictures of my friends and started charging them as well just to pay for developing the photos.

From Instamatic camera, I then invested on a 16mm projector and started buying film rolls and learned how to splice them and put them together again,  the smell of the film rolls and the effects of the splicing on the white screen  injected a magical feeling of accomplishments, after getting used to splicing films, I then bought my first DLSR camera which was a Nikon F2.

And that is another story and the rest was history.